Captain Caveman had his second day off on Sunday 19th June and it would turn out to be rather a good one.
We started the day with a Lake House croissant for breakfast and they were probably the best croissants I’ve had – they were massive too.
I updated Captain Caveman on various events we had been invited to and ran down my list of things to ask him. I always make a list when he’s in the cave so that I don’t forget. He was pleased to be going to a couple of weddings in Dalyan and a 40th birthday celebration in Rhodes during September and October. He had told me that he’d asked his company to book his flight back to Turkey at the end of August and then he would take a flight to Belgium on the first weekend of September for the Belgian beer festival. He would fly back to Rhodes ready for the celebrations. We would stay there for a few days before returning to Dalyan, just in time to see our friends and neighbours, Amanda and Greg.
We went to the Phong Nha Farmstay to have a meeting with Bich but she was busy so I had a soda water. We saw Tham, from the Lake House, who said she would try to book me in for a massage with a new physiotherapist which was going to be helpful for my trapped nerve. Our next stop was to visit Stu, Max and Jack at their house. Their house is so lovely and I really should have taken my swimmers for the pool but I forgot. It was good to catch up but we didn’t stay too long as we still had lots of stuff to do while Captain Caveman had a day off. By the time we left it was boiling hot, even sitting on the motorbike seat in heat was unbearable.
We went back to the Farmstay hoping to see Bich but she was still busy – it was good to see a few international tourists back, relaxing by the pool. We decided to order some lunch and have a shandy, Captain Caveman suggested fried spring rolls so I suggested fresh spring rolls as well and we could share both. When the food came Captain Caveman polished off 5 of the fried spring rolls and said he didn’t want the fresh ones, he thought they were mine – it was going to take a while to get back to ‘normal’.
As we were almost ready to leave, and the heat was getting to me, Bich joined us and we had a good chat about the villa situation. It was agreed we could have the whole villa to ourselves so Captain Caveman confirmed he would rent it from July. I was a bit concerned that we were potentially paying more money for something I wouldn’t get to stay in after my visa expired in July but Captain Caveman didn’t seem too concerned.

Back home I popped on my swimmers and was just about to get in the pool when Captain Caveman came in to the bedroom and said to get my clothes on because we were going back out. Tony, from the Lake House, had called to say he was having a small party and to come up right away. I had to get a shower as I was just so hot. Knowing how difficult it is for me to get out of the house when Captain Caveman isn’t here, I agreed to go. I knew it would end up in carnage, it always does whenever Tony is involved. At the ‘party’ which was already in full swing were only 2 inebriated participants; Tony and Dave (aka Drifter).
We started with a few cans of Saigon beer with ice in an attempt to catch up, I insisted Captain Caveman agree to leave his motorbike and us get a taxi home. It was only 3.30pm so we thought we might even walk home while it was still light! More beers and ice came, some french fries got put in front of us and Drifter started to look like he’d had enough. By 4.35pm he’d been renamed Dangerous Dave and had to be taken home by one of the staff while the rest of us started on the white wine. An hour later we were doing shots, at least the Lake House call them shots but they were large measures of spirits. Captain Caveman and Tony had large Jameson’s with ice while I had a large Tequila with salt and lemon. I had to do it in 2 goes as it was too big to do in one. At 6.20pm we were on the first of an expensive bottle of Riesling white wine, Tony had managed to get 2 of his waitresses, who were meant to be working, tiddly and cheesed off his wife. We managed to order lots of food, including beef, chicken strips and a pizza which we snaffled, along with 2 more bottles of Riesling. Tony was in charge of the music and made quite a good DJ, he and I even got up for a dance next to the bar.
We were all shit-faced and have no idea what time we got home but it was dark and we had to get a taxi. I made Captain Caveman pay for 2 bottles of the more expensive wine on our bill so we didn’t do bad for a small party on a Saturday afternoon/night. Tony’s soirées are often messy but such good fun and I hoped he’d get to meet my Dalyan mates when they came out to visit.

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