On Thursday 14th July I had bacon, sausage and beans for lunch, having not had breakfast, with a pot of Yorkshire tea. The rains had subsided but it was still cloudy today, which was nice.
Captain Caveman came out of the cave in the afternoon and there had been a lake at the Great Wall of Vietnam because of the storms. He had his briefing for the next tour a few hours later but had been trying to get a haircut and a shave for some time now and managed to fail again today, as the hairdresser’s was closed. While he was at Oxalis, I went to Veronika’s for fizz again, this time with Ross and Saoirse, her granddaughter over from Australia. On the way to the Phong Nha Farmstay with Dung, in the jeep, there was a cow which was on a rope but had wandered across the road. A guy on a motorbike had to help out by riding in front of the cow to make it move across the road again.
While we were enjoying our Lindeman’s sparkling white wine, one of Ben and Bich’s kids came to tell us that Ben was taking the family to The Villas for dinner and that we had to go now. Veronika invited me but I declined as I was hoping to see Captain Caveman before his bedtime. I went home but Captain Caveman wasn’t back from his briefing yet, then more heavy rain came. I was just thinking that Captain Caveman would probably stay in Phong Nha, instead of riding his motorbike home in this weather, when he walked in. He was so wet and dripping water everywhere as he went straight for a hot shower. He had called at The Villas to ask for a plastic bag when the rains had started so he had seen the Le Mitchell family. He had promised Bich he would let her know he was back safely as she was worried the storm was a bad one to ride home in. I messaged her, opened a bottle of red wine and got out 2 glasses.

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