I was quite excited on Monday 18th July to be getting to see Captain Caveman on his birthday, even if it was for just a few hours. I had arranged for us to stay at Victory Road Villas tonight and Lan, the manager, had given us a good deal. I asked her to put some fizz in the fridge and Captain Caveman was going to be due out of the cave in the afternoon. He would try again to get the shave he desperately needed before his briefing at 6pm tonight and then he would come to The Villas restaurant as soon as he could after the briefing so we could have a romantic birthday meal. That was the plan, anyway.
Captain Caveman messaged when he was 20 minutes away from Phong Nha, I got a nice bottle of Primitivo wine out of the fridge to take with us and packed the last of my stuff. When Captain Caveman had showered in Phong Nha and got to the hairdresser’s it was closed so he still couldn’t get a shave and a hair cut. He came home so that he could put his laundry in and pack for the next trip then we drove to Victory Road Villas on Trigger, the motorbike. Captain Caveman didn’t even come in to Victory Road Villas, he just had time to drop me off so that he could go to Oxalis, ready for the briefing. I bumped in to Darren, Captain Caveman’s colleague, who was going to have dinner at The Villas at 6pm. He mentioned that Captain Caveman had messaged him earlier to say to meet after his briefing for birthday drinks. I went to check in to the room and chilled out with a glass of water in the Aircon for a while. The room, or should I say villa, which Lan had allocated was impressive and it was my first time staying at Victory Road Villas. I unpacked my things and got ready for dinner, I wore my nice orange dress.

At 8pm Captain Caveman came back from his briefing, knocked on the door of the room, dropped his bag off and went to meet Darren for a birthday drink. By the time I’d got my shoes on and locked the door the two cavers were talking about caves and work. I asked for three glasses and we had a birthday toast with the Lindeman’s sparkling white wine. At 8.45pm Darren said his goodbyes so we could sit down to eat the birthday meal. I took some photos and we ordered fried spring rolls to share as a starter, then a pizza each for main. Lan also gave us a complimentary glass of red wine with our dinner as a birthday treat which was a really nice thing to do. We finally got to eat our Classic and Showstopper pizzas about 9.20pm and polished off the fizz. By 10.20pm we were back in our gorgeous room, lounging on the couch and we opened the Primitivo. The wine was very nice, we had been saving it for a special celebration. We were pretty merry, despite Captain Caveman having to be up early for work tomorrow. He’d barely had chance to read and reply to all of his birthday messages, of which he had lots. At gone midnight we got a nice surprise when John, Andrea, Mark and Kate called, from Dalyan, to wish a Happy Birthday to Captain Caveman. It was so nice of them and we had a chat, I got a bit emotional as I was rather inebriated but we were all looking forward to catching up next month.
We went to bed and I had another birthday surprise for Captain Caveman, I’d brought my red lacy Ann Summers number which I hoped would still fit after all the booze and food!

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