We had planned that Tuesday 26th July should be a no drinking day on account of the early start tomorrow. That was fortuitous because I was extremely hung over and I didn’t want to get out of bed. However, I had to get up because we had to go get my visa photos done and Captain Caveman was hungry. We got a Grab taxi to The Hummus House, Captain Caveman had found this place on Google maps and it didn’t disappoint. The owner was friendly and the place was spotlessly clean so we were expecting good food. Captain Caveman ordered a hummus plate and I ordered a falafel plate, both of which were excellent. The fresh pitta bread was very moreish and I loved the drizzle of tahini sauce on my falafel. I would definitely visit this place again and would recommend it if you’re ever in Danang.

Next, Captain Caveman suggested we go to the coffee shop across the road so he could have a double espresso. I had a hot ginger tea before we went on our next mission.
We had been recommended (by Lynn Visa) a shop in Danang which charged 65,000vnd (£2.23) for 4 passport sized photos. Captain Caveman went off to find a pharmacy and a cash machine while I sorted my photos out. The lady even asked if I had something else to wear and the photographer messed with my hair. I looked like shit, they gave up on me after less than a minute and took the photos anyway. I was done in 5 minutes and we had to wait for a taxi to go back to the hotel.

Once back in the room, which we had turned in to a bit of a launderette, Captain Caveman got on with booking things for the next leg of our journey. He booked accommodation in Hue as well as a train for him to go from Danang to Hue tomorrow, after I had set off to Laos. Previously, I had asked Lynn Visa if Captain Caveman could get a lift on the same bus as me from Danang to drop him off at Hue. We were willing to pay but hadn’t agreed a fee so when she wanted 500,000vnd (£17.50), but it was only twice that to go all the way to Lao Bao border and back, we declined her kind offer.
While all this was going on, I was getting constant messages on Instagram from a friend, Karen, who was on holiday in America so I thought it was odd. It turned out she had been hacked but the hacker was getting very annoying and I had to report and block them, plus get in touch with Karen. I popped to the shops to get some snacks for my trip tomorrow and saw a lovely shop, No Waste To Go, which promotes recycling and zero waste. I bought some gluten free chocolate cookies and some seed filled crackers, both of which were so tasty and fresh. The guy working there was lovely and really helpful and I wished we were in Danang longer to visit more.

My hangover had just about gone when it was time to have our last evening out in Danang with friends. We’d arranged to meet June and Steve, who live in Hoi An, at 7 Bridges Danang for drinks and food. As luck would have it Mik was riding his motorbike back to Danang and should arrive in time to join us too. When we arrived, Seamouse, our old Phong Nha housemate, was there as he’s the manager and he was having a meeting. It was lovely to meet up again with everyone and we had a few beers because they have a Tuesday offer on. We ordered food; I had a belly pork and pineapple pizza (don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it) and the rest had mackerel. I went on to wine but they had run out of red so had rosé (I shouldn’t have). Lynn Visa was messaging me during dinner to tell me to email her my current and new visas so she could print spare copies for tomorrow. I already had spares and was a bit concerned she was asking for them so late. I hoped I wouldn’t regret doing the visa run tomorrow.
In true fashion before a long journey, I ate a whole pizza, drank 4 beers and a couple of wines. It was gone 10.30pm when we said our goodbyes and got a taxi back to the hotel. The alarms were set for 5am tomorrow because I was off on a bus to Laos and back – I was dreading it!

Photo credit – 7 Bridges Danang Facebook page for some photos

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