I woke up with a bang on Wednesday 3rd August and went outside of the bedroom to see what it was. I was rather startled to see a marvellous kingfisher had flown in to the patio doors and then fell in to the pool. The poor thing looked as shocked as I was. I opened the doors and had a good look to work out how I was going to rescue it. I had got on to the first step of the pool and was slowly moving towards the kingfisher, who watched me as I put my arms under the water. The beautiful bird had started to turn to face away from me slightly as I moved through the water. I had not even touched the bird when it opened up its wings and flew in to the nearby tree, looked at me and then was off. It was amazing and so beautiful, luckily it didn’t look injured.
I had Yorkshire tea with my buttered teacake loaf for breakfast and had a slightly fuzzy head from too much beer last night.
When Captain Caveman got back from Son Doong that afternoon it was rainy and he had a sore throat. He didn’t go to Chay Lap for the gala dinner because of feeling unwell but he soon perked up when we were having a Ron Zacapa rum on the balcony, after it stopped raining.
The sky was dramatic that night and we stayed on the balcony until dark. We finished the day off with a bacon and veg pasta and more rum before having an early night. Tomorrow was likely to be a bit more active now that Captain Caveman was back and had time off!

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