On Thursday 29th September we had a rather lovely day. After I’d finished my morning’s tasks, it was time to go over to view the bicycle that was for sale. Sarah, who works at Hotel Dalyance, was selling an ordinary basket bicycle for 500 lira (£24 approx). Captain Caveman and I walked it to her house in the hot sun and when we got there, he took it for a test cycle. I went in to the house with Sarah and fussed the dogs, who were really sweet. Captain Caveman decided the bicycle was worth the money, he paid for it and then I had a little go to cycle it. I’m not so proficient on a new bicycle and on a busy road but I gave it a try. I had to stop a couple of times to suss out the gears and then I decided we could go to the Kaunos tea gardens on our way home. The Turkish tea is only 4 lira (20p) and is very good so I had that. Captain Caveman had a lemon drink and we shared a spinach and cheese gözleme (square pancake) which were very nice. It was then I realised my bicycle had a name, Daisy Uğur, so I sent a photo of it to Daisy who was highly amused as one of her friends is called Uğur. I agreed to give her the bike as a wedding present should she ever marry Uğur.

On the way back home we went through town and changed some dollars at Aksoy jewellers. I had to be at the hairdresser’s for 4.30pm for my hair doing so Captain Caveman went shopping in Migros.

Here’s what he bought;
1 brown sliced loaf 24.95
1 ice cube tray 49.95
650g chicken 65.13

Total spent 140.03 lira (£6.83)

My hair cost me 450 lira (£22) which was cheap by UK prices but had gone up by 150 lira in 3 months. Emrah always does a fantastic job so I was still pleased with my hair. I usually like to go out after I’ve had my hair done but tonight we were staying home. The overgrown shrubbery and trees on our complex were becoming a menace and I had to bend down to get to our stairs without getting my new hair in the leaves and branches!
To celebrate Thirsty Thursday and my new hair (although Captain Caveman hadn’t commented on my new look) I opened a bottle of Tılsım red wine.
We were sat enjoying a glass on the balcony when Greg brought us over an orange chair which they had decided to replace. The Aussies had been tarting up their apartments and were getting rid of some really nice items.
Captain Caveman loved his new chair and sat in it straight away to check it out. It was super comfy and we both like the colour so we kept it. For dinner Captain Caveman whipped up a chicken and halloumi salad and we polished off the wine!

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