Friday 30th September was measurements day and this week they were pretty good;
Bust -3.5cm
Waist -1cm
Hips +1cm
Right thigh no change
Left thigh -0.5cm
Calves no change
Unfortunately I had not lost any weight this week, in fact I weighed 0.15kg heavier.
Captain Caveman and I joined Amanda and Greg for a Turkish breakfast at Melekanne. This time, because I didn’t have to be anywhere for the rest of the day, I indulged in most of it except for the eggs, tomatoes and cucumber. It was very nice and we all enjoyed it very much but, as I half expected, I had a bad stomach before we had even left the restaurant.

I went home while Captain Caveman went to Migros supermarket where he spent 72 lira (£3.70) on pasta, pesto and another ice cube tray. The weather was still lovely so we had balcony beers in the afternoon. It was, sadly, Amanda and Greg’s last night so we decided to have a bit of a soirée round at our apartment.
Amanda and Greg were doing the last of their renovations and had decided to put a table up for sale on one of the Facebook groups. They had not had any viewers yet so they asked if we could keep it at our place and show it to anyone interested, and hopefully sell it. We agreed and Captain Caveman went over to help Greg carry it back from their Reading Rooms apartment. I’d had a chicken curry in the slow cooker all day so we had that for dinner before people started to arrive for our whisky night.

Attending our evening was Amanda & Greg, Jackie & David, the 2 of us and Sonuç. We decided we would open the 17 year old Craigellachie which Mr Huy had sent as a gift and I put out just a few nibbles.
We had a great night and the whisky was excellent. Captain Caveman must have really liked it because, while the rest of us had between none and 2 whiskies each, he drank more than half the bottle to himself. He ate most of the nibbles before the guests could too, so he was in a particularly greedy mood. He also fell asleep in his chair several times, Sonuç was the last to leave about 1.30am and I don’t think Captain Caveman made it to bed for some time.

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