Monday 3rd October was a bit of shocker! We were both quite hungover and I can’t quite remember the specific time when I realised my wedding faux pas yesterday. I had only been invited to the evening party of Victoria Louise Scott and Bünyamin’s wedding but we had attended the whole thing. I wasn’t even sure I was meant to have taken Captain Caveman as a plus one! I didn’t know what the etiquette was, on realising this mistake, so I decided doing nothing for now would be the best idea.
Feeling a bit delicate, Captain Caveman and I took ourselves out for breakfast. It was our first visit to Ela’s Bar & Kitchen and probably Captain Caveman’s first English breakfast in quite some time. It was already busy with customers when we arrived and there were no tables available in the shade so we waited at the bar, while chatting to Nicola, one of the owners. Once seated, we ordered the large breakfast which was 145 lira (£6.88) and included a hot drink. We were a bit thirsty and also ordered freshly squeezed orange juice which was so good.
The breakfast was amazing and a definite contender for the best in Dalyan, I’d say. Captain Caveman helped the owners by adding the place to Google maps and then we walked home.

Even though it was sunny and hot there were signs of the end of season approaching. Leaves were in the pool now, the pump was off, the garden was even more overgrown and we still hadn’t seen the pool or garden man.
That afternoon it was playing on my mind that we may have accidentally attended too much of the wedding yesterday so I sent a message to Victoria, not expecting an answer but more to apologise for my error. We didn’t need a lunch but we did eat dinner at home before our next adventure. I made us chicken and veg wraps with rice and salad, it tasted very nice. Victoria responded to say not to worry, she saw the funny side and reassuringly let me know all was good – I was relieved and happy about this.

Because I had a bicycle, I rode Daisy while Captain Caveman walked to Mark & Kate’s house. We arrived in time to say bye to them, before their airport taxi arrived. Captain Caveman took a beer from Mark and went to sit in the sex swing outside by the pool. Due to a technical hitch we weren’t staying over at Mark and Kate’s that night, after all, which meant we could go out out. We would be cat sitting while they were in England though.
Gay Gaz messaged to say he was in Jiks so we went to meet him for him to tell us he had a microlight flight booked for tomorrow morning. Since the cable car trip, he was wanting to face his fears and we jokingly said we would look out for him going over our apartment tomorrow morning. He was laughing a lot, coughing a lot and putting the customers on the next table off their food.

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