I had cereal for breakfast on Tuesday 8th November before my Turkish lesson at 10am in Lukka bar. Captain Caveman was there at the same time for his Bridge group which lasts for 3 hours.
I went to Singing group in the afternoon while Captain Caveman bought 5kg of washing powder for 82.50 lira (£3.84) in Migros. I was back trying to redeem what was left of this week’s chance to lose any weight but at this point all I could hope for was to have not put weight on. I would probably have gained weight but it might be a good idea not to throw the towel in just yet.
At singing group we sang a new song, to me, Running Bear. It was really hot with the sun coming through the window and I wish I’d wore shorts.
For dinner I made a bit of a make-do meal using my left over Chicken Shashlik, from M-Eyhane on Saturday. I added some extra veg and served it with steamed rice for a low syn dinner which was very tasty and filling. We even had a fruit salad with yoghurt and honey for a treat and I refrained from having any alcohol. By 7pm the temperature had dropped to 21°C and I was a little chilly.

Captain Caveman went Dogging on Wednesday 9th November while I got on with making a syn free snack to take to Fat Club. I went for the easy option of popcorn, which is virtually syn free and you’d have to eat a lot for it to count. I had cereal and milk for breakfast as part of my allowance then for lunch we had a lovely salad. It had lettuce, carrot, red cabbage, onion, peppers, figs, olives and cheese in it and I’d done some Slimming World friendly garlic potatoes to go with it but left them in the oven by mistake. We had a couple of them and saved the rest for another meal as I had to get off to face my result. Obviously, I had put on weight, 0.7kg to be exact, so that wasn’t good. We sat around in the group and tried each others’ snacks. There were courgette fritters and quiche which I didn’t try as they were made with egg. I accidentally did try the breakfast muffin and curry loaf which did have egg in and enjoyed them. If I hadn’t known, it was difficult to tell it contained egg and both were very nice. The pasta salad and broccoli soup were egg free and ones I could definitely do myself so it gave me some good ideas.
After Fat Club, I called at Rehab bar to collect Vanessa so that we could go to see Kate. I also needed the toilet as the egg had taken effect. Kate had been recovering at home after surgery in Fethiye hospital so it was so nice of everyone at Fat Club to give me some of their snacks to take. Vanessa and I cycled over as she updated me on the events and their recent trip to Fethiye. When we arrived it was clear that Kate had not been taking things that easy and had been baking, quite a lot! We sampled a small piece of plum scone which was lovely and she’d made plum chutney with Wolfie’s plums. We didn’t stop too long as we hoped she would get a nap in before Mark came home from pool.
Back home I limited myself to just 1 glass of wine with dinner, Captain Caveman made a diet friendly chicken pasta dish and we had strawberries with yoghurt for after.

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