On the morning of Thursday 17th November I did some work on my preparation for a training workshop next week. I had buttered toast and pomegranate juice for breakfast and by 11.30am the sky looked full of rain. I was down to my last few Yorkshire teabags so I reminded Captain Caveman to buy more from England. He’d been away almost 5 days now and I’d not had a phone call yet from him so he was obviously too busy absorbing life back in the UK.
I decided to try making a Slimming World friendly chicken and broccoli pasta bake, using the chicken from the butcher’s and I made quite a lot of it. I had a portion for lunch and it was very nice, I put some in the fridge and some in the freezer. For dinner I used the last of the roast chicken on a quesadilla, I’d managed to make the chicken in to 4 days worth of meals but had made more than 8 portions, easily. And I had a tub of chicken stock in the freezer now for future meals. I had some plain popcorn and an apple as a snack and watched a bit of Netflix before bed.

Friday 18th November was a bit of a different kind of a day for me. I got weighed at home, although my scales differ to the Fat Club scales, to find I’d put weight on, I did my weekly measurements and I’d lost 3cm from my waist and 1cm from my hips. I had cereal and Yorkshire tea with milk for breakfast then got ready for an appointment. I was tired and my eczema was bad today, I made Bolognese in the slow cooker so that I could have pasta and a hotpot from it. I was meant to be going to my new Turkish lesson at 2pm and I had switched from Tuesday morning to a Friday afternoon as it suited me better. I had a slice of cheese on toast for lunch and then Captain Caveman called me. He was freezing, sat in a tented structure in Kendal and said Josh was watching a film so he’d come to call me. I ended up missing my Turkish class and was gutted as I look forward to it.
Sofra bar had reopened, Friday night was approaching and I’d finished everything I needed to for the week. Usually that would be my cue to get my shoes on and go out but not this week, I was trying my best to be good. I now had a freezer full of meals for next week, plenty in the fridge and a hotpot with such a thin layer of potatoes (no butter) it was silly. There was a storm due tonight so I had pasta Bolognese for dinner and treated myself to a gin and cherry juice.

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