I woke up on Wednesday 16th November excited for Kate’s birthday party this afternoon. I was also looking forward to finding out if my frugal lifestyle and 3 days of no alcohol had paid off when I got to Fat Club later. So far this week I’d only spent 888 lira (£40.36) so an average of £10 per day and I’d only been in a bar once. The weather was lovely so I went to meet my parents before Fat Club at the Kaunos tea gardens where I resisted the urge to eat anything or drink beer. When I got to Fat Club I was pleased I had lost almost 1kg so my efforts this week had been rewarded and I just had to keep it up.
I walked to Mark and Kate’s feeling happy and ate a Bounty on the way as my lunch/dinner. Jacket Potatoes were being cooked on a fire by Mark but I’d already decided that today’s calories were going on wine. I took a bottle of Tılsım, which I’d took a splash out of to put in a slow cooker meal and that would be enough. My parents had taken a bottle of white and a bottle of red but I wondered if that would be enough for Dad.

On entering the party, which I was late to, due to going to Fat Club, there were lots of familiar friendly faces and the sun was shining. Mark had made a punch which Kate insisted I try and it had my 2 least favourite ingredients in; Melon and Bacardi. It actually didn’t taste too bad but I was ready for the red wine. Despite Kate having to have a party at home due to recovering from her op, it was a successful move. She looked well and she was able to drink prosecco and have a little lay down if she needed it.

Around sunset Kate, Debbie and I walked down to the jetty to admire the view with a glass of vino in hand. It was a pity Captain Caveman, Vanessa and Matt had to miss the do as it was really fun and such gorgeous weather. When I got back to the house, Dad had ran out of wine so had poured a glass of mine and I asked Mark if it was ok to ‘borrow’ some of his for my Dad. At 7pm there were still jacket potatoes in the fire, surely they were cooked by now!?

Mark managed to get Kate a birthday cake without her noticing, we sang Happy Birthday then slices were passed around. I even resisted the cake and the jacket potatoes. It was a brill party and, as you can imagine, we were there later than expected, and probably the last ones to leave, with Gorgeous Gay Gaz from Gateshead with the Glass eye and the Giant Gonads. We got Fikri’s taxi to my parents and they invited me in for a beverage.

Mom pulled out all the stops as she dished up some curry while Dad got the gin and bitter lemon (with mint) out. I’d not brought a coat or a cardi so I left my parents place with ma’s hoody on. I was glad of it as it was so cold on my bare legs and this was the coldest I’d been for a while. I was pleased to have only had 1 glass of punch, (slightly less than) 1 bottle of red wine and a couple of gins in about 7 hours. I’d only spent 111 lira (£5) and come home pretty sloshed having had a great time.

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