On Saturday 3rd December Charlie had not left us a present and I was pleased, he was getting used to us now. There had been a noise in the night but when I asked Captain Caveman if he had heard it, he hadn’t – I wouldn’t find out what it was until later. I took Charlie for a walk and when I got back Captain Caveman was getting ready to go to the weekly market. The weather was nice again and I took some photos from the roof of Charlie’s apartment. I took my measurements, because I had forgotten yesterday, and I was surprised to find I had lost 1cm from my bust and 4cm from my waist but had increased everywhere else. I was busy all morning and Captain Caveman brought chestnuts, apples, plums and grapes back from the market.
We found out that Charlie is a sun lover and likes to sunbathe on the roof. Captain Caveman cooked a healthy chicken pasta for dinner and I happened to notice that, in our room, the wardrobe shelf and rail had collapsed – so I did hear a noise. Captain Caveman had not been content with having to leave his clothes in a bag to live from and had moved some of the clothes from one side of the wardrobe to the other. The weight had made it buckle inwards and all the clothes were now in the bottom of the wardrobe. Captain Caveman agreed he would get his tools and fix it! We had a nice pasta dish fo dinner and Captain Caveman and I walked Charlie together.
That night I checked to see how much flights were in January for friends in the UK who might want to come to visit me for my 50th birthday, they weren’t too expensive but are only flying twice per week during the winter.

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