On Friday 23rd December I wasn’t feeling too lively, after last night’s debacle. Amongst having to finish quite a few tasks and a plumber coming, I did speak to Captain Caveman about why we were arguing. He was upset because he says I micromanage him and get involved in stupid things. I begged to differ on the micromanaging, if I did I was definitely rubbish at it! Mid morning I had a break from editing and took Charlie out for a walk, he hoped his ‘dog sitting parents’ weren’t splitting up because he loved us both. Captain Caveman went out after lunch, to the barbers, and I said I might meet him, and the pool lot, at Rehab bar after 5pm. The pool afternoon for Saturday had been moved to today to accommodate Christmas Eve on the beach. I finished my stuff early and I went to the bank to get some cash. When I got to Rehab, with Charlie, Captain Caveman had found Vanessa’s purple hat and was wearing it, he’d had a shave and a haircut. Charlie made more new friends and was even giving Mark sloppy kisses – he was certainly getting used to men more!
Back home, Captain Caveman made a tasty chicken pasta for dinner. When we went in to the lounge to sit on the sofa, Charlie staged a protest by sitting on Captain Caveman. I think he was trying to make him apologise to me for upsetting me yesterday, but it didn’t work.
Tomorrow was Christmas Eve and we had lots planned, my parents and Captain Caveman were only in Dalyan for a couple more days and it was time to make the most of our time left!

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