I had quite a steady day on Saturday 7th January, when walking the dogs there was a small dog who had probably been dumped and was hanging around Charlie’s house. It looked like Milo from the film ‘Mask’, he was shaking and crying. I didn’t have my phone to take photos or try to find the owner but I suspected the cost of having a dog was getting too much for some Turkish people, prices of pet food was expensive as they class it has a luxury item which has a high tax on. At the corner shop the fresh bread was now 5 lira per loaf, only 22p in English money, but used to be 1 lira not that long ago. I met up with Vanessa in the afternoon at Kaunos Tea Gardens and left the dogs together for about 3 hours, feeling happy they had been walked and were now friendlier towards each other. I called in Bim supermarket to see if they had any Dairy Milk chocolate as I kept hearing rumours, but there was none. I didn’t stay out late as I felt a bit tired and headed back to Jamie’s villa for some dog and sofa time.

My Sunday, 8th January, was full of dog love and nice Slimming World friendly food.
After letting the dogs out and feeding them, Norman insisted that we all go back to bed. I obliged and, this time, Norman had priority place next to me while Charlie and Edna were near my legs. There was lots of snoring and farting during an extra lay in, and that was just the dogs! By 11am I decided we were all being far too lazy and that we should get up and go for a walk. I wouldn’t say I’d mastered it, but we were now all 4 of us comfortably walking without me being tied up in dog leads. It was clear that Edna was the boss but I loved how well behaved Charlie was on his lead. When we walked near his house we saw Milo (the dumped dog) again and I spoke to the neighbour to check if it was their’s. This time we took photos and posted on Facebook to see if we could find the owner. It turned out the owner had been traced but didn’t want the dog, Milo had now moved in to the vestibule of Charlie’s apartment block and was being fed by two of the kind neighbours. Charlie wanted to be friends with him but there was no way I could surprise Jamie, or Helen & Abi, with a new dog.
I had a late lunch of leftover curry with steamed rice and played outside in the garden with the dogs. All 3 of them were getting along much better now and they were less jealous of my attention since walking them all together. We watched TV while all 3 dogs stayed near to me and each other, which was sweet. I had another healthy meal of chicken and veg pasta for dinner and I had some of the white wine left over from the other night. When I got off the sofa for more wine the dogs spread out and I couldn’t get back to my spot.

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