On Monday 23rd January I decided to watch Abi’s TV for the first time since I moved in. Abi helped me get set up so that I could watch stuff like ‘Death in Paradise’ on ITV. I still hadn’t got any more documents for editing so I was expecting to be busy in February but then would perhaps go to Vietnam in March. By the end of this month I’d have been looking after Charlie for 2 months, I’d enjoyed it but it was time to get back to normal and move back to Captain Caveman’s apartment soon.
I’d already tested Helen’s TV for water damage as it was on the floor when the bedroom flooded – it was fine. I’d hung out both rugs, then hoovered and rolled them up. I washed all the dog towels and cleaned the floors again and there didn’t seem to be any water damage, which was good. The front balcony was full of drying washing and the sun was shining. I put a chair out for me to sit on, only for Charlie to jump in to it – he loves sunbathing. I’d already took out one of Captain Caveman’s beef bourguignons from the freezer for dinner and was really looking forward to having that. I decided to put a filo pie lid on as I still had some left and it was absolutely delicious.

I had a steady morning on Tuesday 24th January and I’d hoped to go to singing group in the afternoon. I was going to leave Charlie sunbathing on the front roof terrace, however, the water tank on the roof was spewing boiling hot water out and I was concerned it might blow on to where Charlie was. Helen had also asked that I turn off the electric when I moved back home this weekend so I’d let her know about the stuff in the freezer which would need to either be thrown away, eaten or moved. I’m sure I spend far too much time moving produce from house to house on a regular basis but I hate wasting anything. Helen said to throw the bread away and try to eat as much as I could, of the rest! I’d already strayed from my Slimming World diet a lot this month but I said I’d give it a good go and what I didn’t eat I’d try to cook something with. It’s not in my nature to throw food away so I tried to work out what any mystery items were. I was about to decide on what to have for dinner when I got distracted by a message from Jamie. Edna wanted to know if Charlie fancied a doggy date at the Waterfall pub later. He knew she was using him as an excuse to go to see Skippy, but after mulling it over while I restocked the freezer, we agreed. Jamie said he would also ask Ann if she fancied it too and I’d see them there around 6pm, once I’d walked Charlie. Charlie loves going to the pub so he got a bit impatient waiting for us to go.

When we arrived, he was so pleased to see his mates, especially Linda who he gave lots of kisses to. Once we’d had sufficient drinks at the pub we decided to go back to mine. Jamie went home to drop Norman and Edna off, scoff his dinner, feed the dogs etc. We left Ann’s scooter at Waterfall and called at the shop for wine, then walked the short distance to Charlie’s. He was excited to be bringing Ann home as she’d given him some snacks and he was hoping for more. Ann and I had not eaten yet so I shoved chicken burgers and chips in to the oven (courtesy of Helen’s frozen stash). Jamie came over and we opened a bottle of Tılsım red wine, Ann had a couple of white wine and sodas and we had a good catch up. I even got the Ferrero Rocher out, Jamie gave his to Ann, she ate one and put the other on the table. I snaffled mine. Jamie didn’t want to be out too late because of the dogs, so he left us ladies and headed home. I walked Ann back round to Waterfall just after 1am, the temperature had definitely dropped and I had only been gone for 5 minutes. When I got back in, Charlie was on the back of the sofa and didn’t seem pleased to see me, which he usually does even if I go to the bathroom. I started clearing up and found out why; he’d managed to eat the spare Ferrero Rocher from the table and had cleverly put the wrapper back!

Charlie and Linda at Waterfall bar

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