When I got up on Wednesday 22nd February I was a bit fragile, I’d gone to bed about 3am when I had woke up a bit chilly on Mark and Kate’s sofa. Mark was already up and about, had fed the cats and was cleaning the kitchen cupboard fronts when I emerged. I got a cup of tea and a little later I decided to walk home. I got a few hundred metres when Tayfur showed up on his new motorbike and gave me a lift to Rehab bar – it was very whizzy.
On the way home I called at the pharmacy where I got another box of pills for 150 lira (£6.44) and some imodium for 20 lira (86p).
Back home I was keen to know my weight, I got on the scales and had lost a little bit but Carol’s scales would be the true test. I did my measurements and they were pretty good;
Bust -2cm,
Waist and hips no change,
Right thigh and calf -0.5cm
Left thigh +0.5cm
Right calf no change.
I had strawberries and a herbal tea for breakfast then went for a walk. I managed to catch up on the 2nd day of the Decluttering Bootcamp where I had a challenge based on some action that I would need to take.
For lunch I had more vegetable soup with pasta and then went over to Jamie’s to let Norman and Edna out. Jamie was at an appointment in another town with Nanny Kay so I just spent an hour with the dogs at lunch time. Edna was so excited to see me that she went straight in for cuddles and wanting to sit on my lap, Norman seemed a bit cheesed off that I’d woken him up and he paced about a bit. Edna was wriggling about and when I laughed at her new hair do she was confused, Norman came up on the sofa for snuggles and we tried to get a group selfie. Edna was up for it, once her appearance was sorted, Norman less so. Amazingly, at Fat Club, I had lost 0.7kg (1.5lb) and was happy with that. I had a diet coke there and then walked to Rehab bar for 2 soda waters while chatting to the pool group.
I left about 5pm, called to get some bread and, when I got home, I treated myself to a cheese sandwich and some mantı, Turkish ravioli. I waited up until 10pm to do the next decluttering challenge about vision and I did a couple of tasks on the back of it.

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