I didn’t have any breakfast on Sunday 9th April as I had a bit of a lay in. At 8.40am the weather forecast wasn’t looking too clever and it was Easter. I didn’t even eat any Easter Eggs and only had a sandwich for lunch. In the afternoon I heard from Cath and Keith and she had been to Sofra to pay their bill, a little embarrassed. Elite Maintenance had been round to our complex to clean the pool so progress was being made over the communal situation, but I hadn’t seen any lights on as yet.
For dinner I had homemade curry which had chicken, cauliflower, aubergine, lentils and tomatoes in, then I had strawberries and quark for afters. I got a bit peckish in the evening as I looked at flights to Vietnam and ate a slice of turkey and a couple of toffees. I was already on 176 syns but it was better than I’d been doing for a while. I would be working for the next couple of days so I was hoping for a good result at Fat Club this week. Before I went to bed I had a rummage in the freezer and took out some mystery meat so that I could have the slow cooker on tomorrow.

As Easter in Greece, where my boss lives, is a different date and Turkey don’t celebrate it, we were still working on Monday 10th April. Before I logged on I had 2 slices of wholemeal toast with Becel spread on and 20g of Comte cheese, some strawberries and a cup of Yorkshire tea. I popped the meat, which I hoped was beef, and lots of veg in to the slow cooker then got on with work. It was a cloudy, cold day and I hoped it would warm up a bit in the month I had left here. Captain Caveman had sent me a photo of Thao and her new baby who he had gone to visit in Dong Hoi and we’d got a loose plan that I would arrive on 14th May. Strangely, the first time I went to Vietnam to visit Captain Caveman, 11 years ago, it was the same date! The morning at work went quickly and I warmed up some Slimming World Minestrone soup and nan bread for lunch. I drank a lot of water and snacked on Turkey slices when I got peckish late afternoon. I finished work at 6pm, I added Oxo, red wine, fresh rosemary and Henderson’s relish to the slow cooker concoction and had it with potatoes for dinner. It was amazing and had made a few more portions.
I was doing well on the diet until I accidentally ate some chocolate from an Easter Egg and then had 2 cream crackers with 30g of comte cheese. I’d had 28 syns today so I needed to be very careful tomorrow! It was my 4th day of zero alcohol this week but I didn’t have any exercise.

There was not much to write about on Tuesday 11th April as I was busy working all day. I cracked on as there was horrendous weather forecast and I was conscious that the power could go off at any time – I was lucky, it didn’t. I had another portion of beef stew with steamed rice ( I will eat rice with anything) and really enjoyed it. I finished work at 6pm and it was absolutely tipping down so there was no venturing outside today.
Instead, I decided to use more of the beef stew to reinvent the Cornish pasty in a Slimming World fashion. I used a wholemeal wrap and filled half of it with the stew and added some sweetcorn. I brushed the edges with beaten egg, folded it over to cover the filling and stuck it down using the back of a fork. More egg was poured over, messily as I didnt have a brush, then popped in the over for 20 minutes.
When it came out, it looked great but it was probably the best thing I had tasted in a while. It was so good that I made another one and had it with my homemade pickled red cabbage then showed it off in the Fat Club Messenger group.
I had a phone call with my parents who were due to come to Dalyan in 3 weeks and I was so excited to be seeing them again.

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