Another weigh-in day was here on Wednesday 12th April and I started my day with strawberries and quark. I had 3 cups of tea that morning as I borrowed Jamie’s English phone to call the bank about the monthly fee situation. It obviously still didn’t get resolved and I was asked to fill a form in so that the bank could ring me back.
I took my measurements and found that I had lost 1cm from bust, waist and hips which was good.
For lunch I had some wholemeal bread, a bit of cheese and lots of water.
The sky looked stormy as I walked to Fat Club, feeling somewhat optimistic. I’d consumed 204 syns this last week had 3 no meat days, 5 no alcohol days but only 3 days with exercise. I was very surprised to find I had lost 2.6kg (5.7lb) on Carol’s scales which meant I got a sticker to note my 1 stone loss! I was chuffed with that and it meant I only had another 2.5kg to lose to hit my target. I paid 60 lira (£2.50) for mine and Carol’s tea and then we went to Rehab bar. At the usual pool afternoon were Pamela, Mark, Kate, Rey, Wolfie, Chris, John, Tim, Angelique and Tay. We ended up having quite the afternoon which spilled in to the evening and I got better and better at pool. Unbelievably, we played winner stays on with Kate and I being the last 2 but we were pretty tipsy. I even ended up eating some crisps and ordering a bottle of red wine which turned out to be rather ambitious. At midnight, after finishing work at Hotel Dalyance, Sarah popped by for a game of pool too. I left without paying my bill but Tay said it was fine to stop by tomorrow and pay.

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