It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want to.

The famous song ‘It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want to’ by Lesley Gore back in the 60’s, was playing in my head a couple of times on my birthday – it’s one of my favourites.

We had arrived on the overnight train leaving Da Nang, later than expected, at 11.30pm and were met by the driver outside Dong Hoi station just before 5am meaning we were back home in Phong Nha before sunrise. I really wanted to go back to bed so that I wouldn’t be too tired for my party at the River House that night and so ignored Captain Caveman has he unpacked, did washing and generally made a noise for an hour.

By lunch time I was hungry and so we went to Capture for birthday brunch and beer, I had a very tasty salami and cream cheese sandwich and temporarily forgot we’d fell out about me needing too much sleep (I’m not the one who fell asleep in the cinema). I was hoping for a birthday massage however we ended up having another beer in Easy Tiger where we were joined by Chrissy and then another of Captain Caveman’s colleagues, who I’d not seen since I left Phong Nha 6 months ago.


A beer in Capture café, on my birthday.



 Easy Tiger beer, spare salami and sunflower seeds – what more can a birthday girl need?

My party was arranged for 6pm at the Phong Nha River House so at 5pm Chrissy invited me to hers for a celebratory drink which was much appreciated after an argument with Captain Caveman about a plug socket and my strength. The party was a great night, despite Captain Caveman being sat between two blokes I didn’t know who talked about caves and work all night; he wasn’t even seen at the amazing buffet. Lots of my favourite people came over to celebrate and Chrissy organised a delicious carrot cake, I got some lovely gifts of a gorgeous scarf, a much needed notepad/journal and (at last) a bell for my bike.

I had lots of beers and didn’t even have room for a whisky night cap when I got home.

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