Chasing Bacon

The day after my birthday party I woke up with a hangover and a craving for a bacon sandwich. Captain Caveman had already gone across the road to meet his fellow cavers at Ho Khanh’s. Ho Khanh is the man who first discovered Hang Son Doong, the biggest cave in the world, here in Quang Binh and now has a homestay and café that probably has the best coffee in the area.

I joined Captain Caveman and the usual breakfast group but with the intention we would go over to the River House to see if they needed a hand clearing up from last night and make sure the bill had been paid, before having breakfast. Typically by the time we got there we had left it too late as all was tidy and breakfast was finished.

Our next attempt at breakfast was at Rustic where I asked Captain Caveman to order me a banana smoothie and a bacon sandwich (they do really good bacon sandwiches here). After a while I’d finished my smoothie but there was still no sign of my food so I mentioned that it seemed to be taking a long time. Captain Caveman had forgot to tell me that when he ordered, an hour ago, he was told we couldn’t have a bacon sandwich as they were out of bread – I wasn’t happy. Even the resident puppy seemed disappointed that he wouldn’t be able to have any leftover scraps.

We cycled the 2km in to town and went to Easy Tiger, still chasing the bacon and finally got a great sandwich just exactly how I like it, finally.

In my hung-over state I had almost forgotten my drunken promise of lunchtime karaoke so I then spent over four hours in a private karaoke room, at Phong Nam in town, with great friends and more beer while Captain Caveman escaped to the pub.

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