Dalyan – a relaxing second week

On Monday 16th September I was still suffering with the effects of accidental gluten, I measured myself and found that in a couple of days my waist had increased by 5cm. I didn’t have breakfast and for lunch I had only gluten free bread with cheese spread.
In the evening my parents and I went for a lovely meal by the river, at Yakamoz, where I opted for a gluten free dinner of steak, salad and chips with a couple of glasses of red wine. (Gluten free-ers, the rice here is without pasta in).
On the walk back home we decided to call in to Bistro Blue as we’d not been back since we had made our own dancefloor there with the girls! I had another couple of red wines and we kept it tame this time.

It was time to try something out for the first time this year, on Tuesday 17th September. I was going to cook a meal – living in Vietnam in a shared house with a dirty, ill-equipped kitchen means we never cook at home. I invited my parents over and decided we would have chicken, veg and jacket potatoes. I do miss a jacket potato especially the proper oven cooked ones with crispy skins.
During the day I was awake early as I had a message from Captain Caveman to let me know I could book tickets for next year’s Hanoi Grand Prix but when I tried they have to be delivered by DHL and I didn’t want them delivering to the UK for £26 or to Vietnam for £31!! For the rest of the day we lounged by my parents’ pool and then my parents came over to mine, bringing white wine. I was on the red wine and the food turned out lovely. (I forgot to take a photo of it).

The gluten free bread from No10 Bakery was proving to be a winner!!! On Wednesday 18th September I had more of it plus a meal at Jiks then later some delightful gluten free chocolate cake which had only benefited from being in the fridge.
My parents decided they needed a crate of beer for nights in and so we all went to the 24/7 shop next door to mine to get some. My mom tried to find a photo of where they lived but the owner nipped off on his motorbike, brought the car round and took them home, with the beer. He took it up the stairs to their kitchen, took a half empty crate back and only charged them 205 lira – a bargain.
In the evening I joined my parents for a drink at Amy’s bar followed by dinner at another new (to us) place to try from a list I’d made. From the Facebook posts I’d read, Troy got either great reviews or slagged off so it was a gamble and we were pleasantly surprised. The red wine was nice, my garlic mushrooms great and a massive portion. When my steak came it looked a bit lacklustre but it was perfectly cooked and very tasty – I was grateful it came with just veg, for a change. Dad had a starter of cheese rolls which looked delicious and I wished I could eat one.
On the way home we had to stop by Soul Kitchen for more wine and a complimentary bit of cheese. We didn’t have a massively late night because the next day we had decided to venture out.

I’d been in Turkey for 2 weeks already and was settling in nicely. On Thursday 19th September me and my parents decided to venture out. I had my usual breakfast of gluten free toast and then called a number my mom had got from a sign. I arranged for the man to meet us outside Jazz bar at 1pm and that’s what we did. He arrived with a minibus and we picked up another couple before driving to his place, Gölbaşı, out on the way to the beach.
It was a lovely traditional restaurant and watering hole with lots of wildlife and looked so nice. I got a bit excited at seeing so many terrapins in the water. We had a lovely lunch and shared a reasonably priced bottle of white wine while mom and dad reminisced on past visits with friends.
In the evening we decided we all needed a night in and I had a very healthy chicken wrap with yogurt and sweetcorn while watching more Broadchurch on Netflix.

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