The Riverbums have been going for 7 years and so we had been invited to an anniversary party at Nazo’s. Of course we had only been part of the ‘bumming team for a relatively short time. The steer was we all brought a dish each and then we share the buffet. I took havla (a sweet treat made with tahini which I bought from the shop). Captain Caveman took a whole roast chicken which he’d had in the oven that morning and was still warm when he carried down the street.
Nazo’s is a lovely bar with a great garden area out the back and a big dog who really wanted some buffet. We even got a medal and a certificate for volunteering with the Riverbums which were given out earlier in the year but we were in Vietnam.
At the buffet I ate chicken, yogurt, carrot, radish and crisps for my first lot before having 2 pieces of gluten free cake which was delicious. I also managed to have 3 red wines and a laugh with our fellow Bummers.
In the evening we went to a restaurant we had really enjoyed last year but had not being able to visit this year before it closed. M-Eatery was now reopened for the winter and had a lovely fire to keep warm inside. I had baba ganoush for starter and had a little bit of Captain Caveman’s halloumi then the beef with chips and red cabbage which was so good and, of course, we shared a bottle of red wine.

By lunchtime on Saturday 16th November we had already entered in to a different kind of day. After my usual breakfast of gluten free toast and a bit of cheese Captain Caveman and I went up to the dog shelter for a bit of dogging. We walked a few dogs and then I gave Lexi a bath because she was leaving the shelter and had very muddy paws. We had agreed to look after Lexi until she was ready to go and pretty soon she was going to live in Scotland.
As it was Saturday night we decided to take our new friend, Lexi, to the local to meet our friends. We also were the designated welcome party for Sarah and Katrina’s mate, Jamie who was landing in Dalyan about 9:30pm and we were all looking forward to his arrival.
Jamie arrived at Lukka bar straight off the plane, practically, and so we were already merry and had a great night – my face hurt from laughing so much!

On Sunday 17th I ate my gluten free cornflakes and had an earl grey tea and we took Lexi for a walk. We had already booked in for Sunday lunch at Lukka bar and so we ended up getting on it again at 5pm, then staying to watch the Brazilian Grand Prix from 8pm. I only had 4 red wines but I think it could have been a top up from the previous night. I couldn’t get too pissed as I had a very important appointment on Monday morning but we were having such a good laugh it didn’t really matter.

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