There was no time for breakfast on Monday (18th November) morning as I was being picked up at 06:30am for a drive to Muğla. I was stood outside prompt (a little hungover) and it was a bit chilly and still dark when Leanne from King Emlak arrived. The drive was quicker than expected and so we stopped off at a cafe where I had a couple of teas and gawped at all the amazing gluten offerings they had. My residency meeting was at 8:30am and we had to wait in a corridor with all the prepared documents.
The appointment didn’t last long, they checked all my paperwork and took my fingerprints (all of them) on a machine. No questions were asked and they gave me some paperwork which said I now had a 1 year residency in Turkey. It was a bit of a relief as it meant I could continue my 4 month stay here without having to leave the country. I could also come and go as much as I liked between now and the 4th November 2020.
To celebrate we had lunch at Jiks where I had to have a couple of soda waters before my chicken shish on account of having no breakfast. I managed a glass of red wine with my lunch though. We had a stroll and another drink at Amy’s too. On Mondays a lot of places take their day off and although we had planned to go out we decided to stay in. I enjoyed some wine gums (brought by Captain Caveman’s parents), a red wine and some really nice onion soup with cheese on gluten free toast. Overall a successful Monday!

On Tuesday 19th November, while Captain Caveman tootled off to the mudbaths for the day, I took Lexie to the vets in Ortaca with Hilary. She was very well behaved and we also got to say goodbye to Jilly who was being adopted from the shelter too. I didn’t really eat much (gluten free toast with fig jam, yogurt with honey, a bit of cheese and some wine gums) before going to the Tuesday quiz at Lukka with Sarah, Arif and Jamie. I had the (gluten free) fish and chips washed down with a bit too much wine and we had a right old laugh at the quiz. We even managed to learn some rude Turkish words!! Jamie and Sarah brought snacks and we didn’t win but enjoyed it – even Lexie had some attention, meeting other dogs in the area.

While Captain Caveman went dogging on Wednesday 20th November I took Lexie to Köşem Restaurant to help with preparations for the forthcoming winter fayre. Lexie wasn’t too keen on it but she got lots of fuss off dogs, cats and other helpers. I put trees up while others decorated them (after last year where I was told I was shit at decoration).
For lunch Captain Caveman and I went to Okyanus, a place which hadn’t impressed last year, but turned out to be a great little spot. Our food was lovely, the sun was shining and Lexi got on well with the resident dogs and cats there. Jamie (our new friend) came to join us and I’m blaming him for being a bad influence because then we ended up having one at Soul Kitchen before ‘going for one’ at Lukka. Sarah joined us and we had a bit of a boozey night but luckily I was looking forward to having a loll about on Thursday.

Captain Caveman went bumming while I looked after Lexi on Thursday 21st November. I was hungover and felt like death and didn’t do much apart from feel sorry for myself and be glad I wasn’t bumming!
Captain Caveman came home and we were planning the rest of the day when the doorbell rang. An English friend of Captain Caveman’s and a Russian girl were at the door, and were coming to stay for a couple of days. They were currently cycling long distance, him raising money for charity along the way. I, in my hungover state, had completely forgotten all about what day it was and that they could be arriving. Captain Caveman was well aware but had still not acquired a bed for the spare room so they were going to have to sleep on the floor!
I was starving and wanted lunch so we went to Pamukkale Restaurant, only to find they were only serving pide and pizza – I was gutted! I would love nothing more than to eat the sucuk pide but instead they were able to rustle me up some chips. I was still hungry when I got home so I had crisps, carrot and hummus as a snack.

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