The weekend became a little unplanned and different to how we might generally spend it, on account we had a dog to look after and we now had guests for a couple of nights. On Friday 22nd November our guests had decided they would cook our dinner that evening and so we had a walk with Lexi and then went off to get some shopping. We called in to BC Spa to look at the price list as the rainy weather was ideal to book in for an hour or two, but they were on a very tight budget. The guests were finding it expensive in Dalyan and so they preferred to eat at home while Captain Caveman and I ate lunch at Jiks and I bumped in to Sarah and Jamie who forced me to drink extra wines with them. Back home our guests had made a tasty homemade chicken soup and I tried to speak a bit of Russian. The two of them were supposed to be heading off on the rest of their cycling journey the next day but rain was forecast and I caught a mention of them perhaps staying another night (or two). You can read more about our house guests on Facebook here:

Saturday 23rd November was meant to be the day of the Dalyan Winter fayre but had to be postponed until the next day, due to the bad weather. After a breakfast of gluten free cornflakes I took Lexi for a walk while the other three went dogging at the shelter (photos by Captain Caveman). In the afternoon we decided to go to Lukka for lunch while our visitors went for a walk to Kaunos as it had fined up a bit. We tried to locate a Russian or a Russian speaking person in Dalyan but with no luck. In the evening Captain Caveman cooked a beef stew for the 4 of us and I attempted to learn more Russian.

It was the Dalyan Winter Fayre on Sunday 24th December and so I made sure I had some breakfast of gluten free cornflakes with milk and a bit of cheese while Captain Caveman and the guests had omelettes and coffee. At the fayre Captain Caveman was running the Splash game while I flitted about the doggy people’s stalls with Lexi in tow. She loved it and got lots of treats to eat as well as me buying her some of Bill’s homemade chicken skin biscuits – I was quite tempted to try one myself when I realised there was not anything edible at the fayre which was gluten free. In the end I was hungry so I had a hotdog and ate the onions and a tiny bit of the sausage meat before passing it on to Captain Caveman who finished it, as well as his own. I also chanced a beer – it’s so shit going to events when you can’t have gluten and everyone is tucking in when you’re hungry!
In the afternoon we went to Lukka Bar for some proper food and I had a halloumi salad. It was also my ‘new friend’ Jamie’s last day and we wanted to give him a good send off before he got his flight home,via Istanbul. Our guests were still here and had made us a chicken curry and rice for tea followed by a dessert of Turkish Delight, figs and fresh bergamot tea. The weather forecast looked bad for the next few days so Captain Caveman agreed they could stay until it was fine enough to continue their cycling expedition.

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