The next couple of days were a little bit harder work than they needed to be, really – mainly due to the dogsitting and having house guests who were now staying on our floor for a bit longer, due to the weather.
On Monday 25th November I stuck to my gluten free cornflakes while the other 3 in the house had omelettes and fresh bread. By lunchtime Captain Caveman and I had taken Lexi for a walk and due to it looking like rain we decided to try a lunch at Casa Nova restaurant. It was empty and we had a table inside, by the huge window with impressive views. The food was really good and the service had vastly improved since the previous year so we were happy.
I also picked up my residency card, which means I no longer have to carry my passport with me at all times and can stay here (or come and go as I please) until 4th November 2020.
In the evening we ate at home again, the four of us plus Google translate, and had spaghetti bolognese.

On Tuesday 26th November our guests had decided to walk Lexi for us, so being free from responsibility Captain Caveman and I popped in to Dalyan and then headed to Jiks for lunch. I decided to try the chicken with honey and it was a bit odd but I ate it and tasted a bit creamy, along with 2 glasses of wine.
I got more gluten free bread and some treats from Bakery No10 and we had more wine before heading back home for bolognese with jacket potatoes and a Russian cabbage dish on the side. As it was their last night we all had cake (gluten free) and an early night as they were keen to set off early.

After six nights of sleeping on the floor in Captain Caveman’s apartment our house guests were back on their cycling mission. On Wednesday 27th November the weather was better and after breakfast they packed up and headed off to Fethiye (it’s 60km by car through the tunnel so they would need to go the alternative route which is longer). Lexi also came to say her goodbyes as she had made friends and was curious about the bicycles.
Later we (I) ate the rest of the gluten free cake and for lunch we had a leisurely meal at River House, sat in the sun with a drink. I had a fantastic mushroom risotto and 2 glasses of white wine. Captain Caveman’s burger looked good and the meal was very reasonably priced. It’s definitely one of my new favourites.
In the evening we enjoyed having our home back to ourselves and we finished the rest of of the delicious chicken soup for dinner.

I took my turn of looking after Lexi while Captain Caveman went bumming on Thursday 28th November. I had breakfast of gluten free toast with fig jam and cheese while Lexi had one of Bill’s biscuits.
After a walk I took Lexi to the tea gardens to meet the Riverbums when they returned from their morning’s work. It was a sunny day so we sat around and had a beer before Captain Caveman and I took a walk to Backyard No 9 for lunch. Lexi loved it there as she could be let off the lead and play with Dora (the resident dog) and other visiting dogs too while we ate delicious food and drank great wine. They don’t do gluten free food so I had a burger with no bun while Captain Caveman had a lovely pizza. The people running the place are very nice and the service is really good too so we stayed a bit longer than we thought we might before heading back for ‘one’ at Lukka. It turned in to a bit of a night out and we even ate at Lukka (you really can’t go wrong with our local)!

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