On Friday 29th November I had been invited to the local girls night out and had accepted so Captain Caveman and I went for a light and cheap lunch at a place that always seemed to be closed when we went past. Çiçek had been recommended by followers of a Dalyan Facebook group I’m a member of and was serving a selection of dishes which we selected from the kitchen area and they were brought over.
We had chicken stew, spinach, meatballs with potatoes and cold drinks – the food was undoubtedly great and traditional Turkish at its best as well as being a great price.
In the afternoon Captain Caveman and I called to Backyard No9 again with Lexi but it was closed so we had a drink in the Rock Bar. We had a drink in Lukka Bar where I met one of the girls before heading over to Casa Nova for a drink and to meet the others. Our meal at Spice Garden, an Indian restaurant, was brilliant and the buffet was 80 lira for an all you can eat. They do very good gluten free choices, the wine is nice and the place is nice and warm. Jamie was missing a good night out but we kept a chair for him at his request!! I also got to meet some of the girls on a more sociable basis which was good fun.

November was ending and the time was going so fast! On Saturday the 30th I had been in Turkey 3 months and we were starting week 13 already. Breakfast was with Captain Caveman at Soul Kitchen where we had our usual of potato skins and baked beans for me and menemen for him. There was a protest being held at the beach so Captain Caveman and some Dalyan dwellers went, taking Lexi, while I went dogging by myself.
For lunch I had figs and cheese on gluten free toast before heading to the market to buy our fresh vegetables for the week, on the way back we had an afternoon wine and cheese at Soul Kitchen. In the evening we ate at home – a chicken salad and a couple of gins! Inspired by our Russian lodger we had decided to try a budget week to see if we could survive on 500 lira (about £70) for the week!

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