My week started with a fruit salad. On Monday 27th April Captain Caveman went out early and ran some errands which included trying to find me some Voltaren gel and some eye drops. He had breakfast at Coffee Station, couldn’t get me my requests at the chemist but brought me more painkillers. My injuries were not getting better as quickly as I had hoped and it had been 10 days since the incident. I checked in on the NCOVI app and saw there were still no new cases, Vietnam remained at 270 cases with 225 recovered (83%) while the world as a whole showed they were seeing 73,000 cases per day, 40,000 recoveries per day and between 3,000 & 4,000 deaths per day now.
I learned some Turkish, did some writing and had Phong Nha Underground garden rolls for lunch. There was an amazing sunset which I could only see from inside the house but Captain Caveman took me a photo of it and we held hands – me on the sofa, him on a deckchair (how romantic). For dinner we had Namaste and I tried the saag aloo for a change, it tasted lovely. We finished watching After Life on Netflix and I laughed and cried in equal measures – it was brilliant.

Tuesday 28th April marked 4 whole weeks of staying at home, two of which were self inflicted! I’m lucky that I don’t get bored and can always find things to do so I was doing well and my Turkish was getting better. The day was a bit of a mixed bag though and the first bit of news I read was about 3 people in Vietnam who had recovered from the virus, had negative tests, gone to 14 days isolation following the all clear and then tested positive again.
I took some advice from a friend who had also injured herself (in a less embarrassing sports incident) and consulted with a couple of people in the medical profession. My leg was still not right and we came to the conclusion I had done something to my ligaments, hence the slow progress.
Breakfast was Phong Nha Underground leftovers while looking at the nice views out of the window. Lunch was leftover Indian from Namaste and dinner was from Phong Nha Vegan.
That night we continued with the movie nights and plumped for Darkest Hour which was good but it was a bit slow in parts and my concentration waned a bit. After that we went for Too Hot to Handle, a series where the contestants of a show are not allowed to get jiggy – hilarious!

After a breakfast of rice crackers, hummus and cheese with oolong tea, on Wednesday 29th April, I decided to try some of the exercises for my ankle and knee but failed. In the news Vietnamese schools were given permission to reopen after 3 months of being closed, providing they adhered to strict measures. Word came from Oxalis that Captain Caveman would be on tour from 3rd – 6th May so we needed to get me less dependent on him before that. He went out shopping and he met up with Des at D’Arts – our favourite bun cha place had reopened. He brought me back a takeaway of some veggie spring rolls which were delicious. I also tried to deal with rescheduling my cancelled flight to the UK which I wanted to move to 2021 but couldn’t because the dates weren’t out yet for flight only.
We watched more Too Hot to Handle on Netflix and ate some snacks from Phong Nha Shop & Go.
At 00:24 Captain Caveman and I were still sat watching TV when a loud noise, like a cross between thunder and a runaway truck, came from my left side. We looked at each other and then it got very loud and the whole house shuddered, as if a truck had driven in to the side of the house. It was gone as quickly as it arrived and I sent Captain Caveman to go and have a look what it was. It was an earthquake, the first one I had experienced in Phong Nha. We stayed up a bit longer to be able to find out where the earthquake had been but it took a while for it to be updated on the internet, not like in Turkey where it is virtually straight away. Instead we read posts on Facebook from scared locals and shocked expats. Des in Phong Nha town had felt it and people in Dong Hoi had felt it too.

The day I should have been flying from Dalyan, Turkey to Manchester, England was Thursday 30th April. It felt a bit weird not knowing when or if I would be back in England this year and it didn’t cheer me up to read the Corona data (which I’d stopped doing daily now).
The USA trip in July was most definitely off now, they had over 1 million cases and 61,000 deaths. The UK had increased cases by 8,000 (at 165,000 now) and deaths by 5,000 (a worrying 26,000) in the last 2 days – it was looking likely they were heading to ‘beat’ Italy. I had hummus and rice crackers for breakfast but no pot of tea as Captain Caveman had to go to Oxalis. He came back at lunch and ordered Lake House pizza and I had some topping on rice crackers.
When Captain Caveman had been out he had spotted some chicks on our drive and took a photo of them, he also saved a geckos life. She was a tiny baby and was confused and thirsty so he set her down on a tray with a spot of water and near to the curtain for shelter. We called her Goldie and kept checking on her.
For dinner we had the BBQ chicken and sticky rice from East Hill again, which was great. We settled down to watch the last of Too Hot to Handle and it turned in to a later night than expected on the last day of the month.

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