I left Dalyan in January to come to Vietnam for 3 months and, due to the pandemic, I am still here with no idea when I will be able to travel back to Turkey.
So, as I do love a list, I thought I’d remind myself (and you) of what the first things I will be doing when I get back to visit Dalyan (assuming it’s safe to do so). They are in no particular order:

1. Get in the pool so that I can exercise my injured leg after the lengthy flight(s).

2. Book some boat trips in.

3. Take a trip to Mimi’s for a pampering pedicure.

4. Get myself a good scrub in the hamam at BC Spa followed by a full body massage.

5. Spend a day at the mudbaths.

6. Have Emrah sort my unruly hair out with a cut, colour and curls at the hairdresser’s.

7. Order my gluten free bread and cake from Bakery No.10.

8. Volunteer at the Dog Shelter a couple of days a week.

9. Get my name down on the Riverbums volunteer list to help with clean ups each week.

10. Take a walk along the river and take in the views.

11. Drink a Turkish tea at the Tea Garden and admire the views of the tombs.

12. Go to Iztuzu beach and have a dip in the sea.

13. Return to all my old favourite bars, cafes and restaurants.

14. Find out what’s new and try out some places to eat and drink.

15. See all my Dalyan friends again after too many months away!

16. Have a trip to the local supermarkets to stock up on essentials.

17. Take the rowing boat over to the other side of the river and have a walk to Kaunos.

18. Relax in the comfort of the apartment, maybe with a nice bottle of Turkish wine.

19. Treat myself to a new item of clothing or maybe have some shoes made.

20. Visit the market for fresh fruit, veg and some Turkish delight.

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