We were up and ready for our private car trip south on Sunday 19th July so we could celebrate Captain Caveman’s birthday once more.
The car was comfy and I think I may have had a snooze on the way down to our Sunday brunch at Citron restaurant at the Intercontinental in Danang. My leg was definitely getting better as on the way we had to stop for a toilet break (in a desolated petrol station with a barking dog in the gents) and I managed a pee in a squat toilet without spillage, touching the walls or injury!
As we neared the venue I managed to do a quick change (in the car) in to a dress so that I looked a bit more appropriate. When we arrived, after a 6 hour journey, the driver dropped us right outside the door to the restaurant entrance and so it was a shorter walk to our table. The staff remembered us from previous visits and seated us in the almost empty restaurant in a perfect spot, nearest to the entrance to the buffet. We got a glass of champagne each and some water and then Captain Caveman was in charge of both our food selections. We’d already formulated a plan and he knew what I liked so off he went, starting on the seafood section.

I had 9 prawns, he had sushi and oysters as we got top ups of the champagne and had a martini shaken for us. While I moved on to chicken skewers with potatoes, Captain Caveman had more fishy stuff and we had a cosmopolitan, more champagne and then moved on to beef skewers. We had a gin fizz and more champagne, then we ordered steak and Captain Caveman did well with his choices for the cheese board. We had more champagne before going on to red wine with our next dishes and I managed to squeeze in gammon, mushrooms and sweetcorn. I was so stuffed I could hardly move and I was definitely a little bit tiddly. The live band surprised Captain Caveman with a rendition of Happy Birthday and some dessert was presented to him while he looked embarrassed.

On the way to check in to Beachside Boutique Resort Hotel in Hoi An I had a snooze in the car. When we arrived I realised we hadn’t told the hotel when we booked it that I was on crutches and unfortunately we got a room on the 2nd floor and without a lift or a bath. Well, getting to the room sobered me up and I needed a lay down when I eventually made it.

That evening Captain Caveman was keen to try out the craft beers at Bia Oi, the new bar where Seamouse is now working as the manager. They didn’t have any alcohol without gluten so I just had water and then later on we had some of the tasty snacks from the menu; edamame beans, boiled peanuts, chicken liver skewers, belly pork skewers, sausage, & sweet potato fries. The food was incredible and the yakitori skewers were so tasty. Seamouse joined us and it was good to see him settled in to the new bar at An Bang beach. They even had good live music on and the massive table of Vietnamese blokes next to us were friendly and well behaved. I’d definitely go again and we said we might call in on the way back if we had time but next we were off to see our mate, C.

Edit – the Intercontinental has announced it will be closed between 27th July and 10th August following guidelines from the Health Ministry during the pandemic.

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