On Thursday 22nd October we got up to lovely sunshine and it looked as if the bad weather had disappeared. The dog in the house opposite our bathroom had been barking all through the night and I think it was because it had been left alone, when the owner returned it was quiet again. Captain Caveman went over to Phong Nha with Ben to help out at Victory Road Villas and then checked on our home at the Glass House.

I had egg fried rice and jasmine tea for breakfast then tried making something new – beef and lentil soup in the rice cooker! I made loads of popcorn and Harry Potter 4 commenced. The beef and lentil soup for dinner was a bit disappointing, it lacked flavour and was a bit fatty in parts so I picked out most of my meat and gave it to Captain Caveman. Veronika had made a point of not drinking while in charge of the grandchildren but had an evening to herself, so the three of us shared 2 bottles of fizz. Captain Caveman and I also had a glass or two of red wine to go with the beef and Veronika shared some cheesecake with us. When I got to bed I realised I had forgotten to do my leg exercises for the first time since I started my plan and resolved to do an extra set tomorrow. I messaged Thuy to book a physio appointment in for the next day, we were hoping to go to Dong Hoi and to also stock up on provisions in readiness for the next forecast storm.

Ben had made 2 more short films which showed the clean up efforts and the mess the flood waters had caused. It was unbelievable how hard the staff worked to clean up all the mud, all with a smile on their faces – inspiring.

Check them out on Facebook here:

Episode 5/6 – https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10159506950748115&id=552758114

Episode 6/6

Captain Caveman is going to be taking part in a 3 day cycle event soon, which you can find out more about below – you can even join him and donate to help those affected by the floods:


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