It was a lovely sunny day on Wednesday 18th November and I was planning on going for a walk later. Captain Caveman was already booked in for a medical in Dong Hoi and had gone with the other cavers. I did more online work where I was viewing photos for Artificial Intelligent use – it was interesting but not that well paid just yet. I also applied for roles which better suited my past experience in Insurance with a view to working online until it was safe to travel to the UK. I ate a lot of fruit and some toast for breakfast and lunch and then, when Captain Caveman eventually returned, he had been for pizza at The Villas but not thought to ask if I would like a takeaway bringing back. He’d passed the medical then went shopping, as we were running low on provisions, before lunching at leisure in Phong Nha. It was 4pm by the time we got to go for a walk and this time I decided to do it on crutches, just to see if it was any better or quicker. Ruth, the zoom physio, had mentioned walking poles but Captain Caveman had forgot to pick them up from Phong Nha so this would be similar. I wore my trainers for the first time (I’d not been able to get them on before) and they felt so comfortable on the bottom of my feet. I was actually slower than the last walk but I did feel less pain and I could have walked further, which was a good sign.

Video taken by Captain Caveman of me setting off for our walk

Video taken by Captain Caveman of me walking on our walk

For dinner we went to the Farmstay and I had a treat with the beef in bamboo, steamed rice, vegetables and a ginger beer. Captain Caveman had pie, chips, beans and gravy and Veronika just had a pie. After food Captain Caveman went over to introduce himself to some of the cyclists who were arriving for the Saigon Children’s Charity cycling event this weekend. Captain Caveman had entered for the first time this year (usually we aren’t in Vietnam when this event takes place) and he was super excited. I caught up with some blogging and had a look at the new rooms. While the place was quiet I took photos of the place, it was hard to imagine that only a month ago it was completely flooded and covered in mud, the staff had done an amazing job to get it back to normal. It was getting late so I went to intercept Captain Caveman from getting another beer with his new cycling friends only to find I was introduced to the group, passed a Strongbow cider and was chatting away to some really nice people from all different places.

Photo credit – Ben & Bich at Phong Nha Farmstay

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