It felt great having the whole huge bed to myself on Monday 30th November, sleeping in until 8.30am! I had a late breakfast of broccoli and cauliflower cheese bake, which was half of the vegetarian dish I had brought home last night (the other half went in the freezer). I ate an orange from the ones that Thuy had given me on Saturday and had some walnuts and raisins for a snack before ordering a car to take me to The Villas. It costs 200,000 vnd (¬£6.50) each way so I don’t go as often as I used to – I often get dropped off there after returning from physio in Dong Hoi. I had arranged to meet Captain Caveman at The Villas when he returned from caving with Deb and that night there was a few of us out for Hanh’s send off. We’d initially discussed meeting at Momma D’s rooftop bar for Hanh’s leaving drinks but Momma D was still in Hoi An for a bit longer and it suited my leg better to not have to manage the steps by myself.
I have been to The Villas so many times and never had a hot chocolate there so I decided to try one. Well, I have been missing out – it was quality chocolate with cream and it tasted so lovely on a cold day. As I was checking the news I read that there was a case of Corona in Saigon related to a flight attendant working for Vietnam Airlines. He had been sent home to self isolate following quarantine and negative tests but had invited relatives and a male friend, who is a teacher, to his house! This was the first case in 88 days and the Prime Minister was pretty clear that it would be taken very seriously!

Captain Caveman arrived to join me at The Villas and was very cold – he had a Jameson’s in his hot chocolate (no cream) to warm him up! He was so hungry that he couldn’t wait for dinner and, while I got on the Happy Hour and a Half margaritas, he ordered a cold Huda beer and a pizza! When it arrived I had to have a bit and managed 2 slices, Captain Caveman scoffed down the rest with no problem at all!

Hanh’s leaving celebration was a small affair with just 6 of us but it was a good night. I had a margherita pizza with extra garlic and Captain Caveman had (a second dinner of) duck confit with lentils. Mark’s burger looked impressive too and I had a bit of food envy. Hanh and I had a glass or two of wine and the fellas stuck to beer, it was a lovely evening and a really nice send off for Hanh. As we had both been drinking we decided to leave Captain Caveman’s motorbike at Victory Road Villas and ask the staff to arrange us a taxi home.

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