Captain Caveman had a slot at the ASF conference to give a presentation about his recent caving expedition in Ha Giang, North Vietnam. So on Thursday 3rd January we did the only sensible thing and snuck out of the school and went in to town for breakfast and to buy our bus tickets back to Hobart for our last night in Tasmania.
On our return we noticed Sarah and Serena had also played truant for the morning session and popped over to join Sarah in her camper van. Before noon we had shared a bottle of chardonnay and divvied up the Belgian chocolates between the 3 of us. I stayed there to finish the wine and have my gluten free lunch while they rejoined the other delegates. I attended Captain Caveman’s talk, which was informative and amusing, before getting to witness a physical session in the afternoon. There was a competition who could climb a 30m vertical rope the fastest and a safety expert had people dangling from the ceiling of the gym.
In the evening we went for fish and chips where, despite having grilled fish (no batter), I got glutened and was a bit unwell. We were about to have an early(ish) night but got sat with a couple of friendly cavers who insisted we have wine!

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