On Saturday 5th January I woke up in the early hours trying to unzip the tent I wasn’t sleeping in. I’d completely forgotten we were now in a lovely comfy bed in Hobart, I’d also put to the back of my mind the huntsman spider under the bed. We slept in late and Captain Caveman got rid of the spider, which turned out to be dead, before BBQ bacon for breakfast.

The 4 of us had a drive to the famous Mount Wellington and did the tourist thing. The scenery was stunning and my phone camera didn’t do it justice – a nice man did get a picture of both of us together though.

In the afternoon we visited the brewery and had a few drinks outside in the sun before heading back and getting packed for our flight back to Sydney.  We said our sad farewells and headed straight through to the departure gates only to find our flight had been cancelled – Sydney airport was closed due to a storm. Captain Caveman got right on it and spoke to the staff at the check in desk who apologised that there would be no compensation (due to weather being at fault) but got us on the next available flight on Saturday at 13:10.
There wasn’t much we could do so I took a selfie with a statue in the airport while Captain Caveman figured out what we were going to do for the night because Hobart airport closes each evening.

By the time I had got back from selfie taking and a quick pee, Captain Caveman had spoken to John who had kindly set back off to pick us up again. We got back to their’s and Germ was already in bed but got back up, opened a bottle of fizz, then prepared a cheese and olive feast. We were all sat down when someone noticed something moving in the trees outside and the security light had come on. We all went over to see 3 possums in and below the tree,  this was the first time I had seen a possum and they are really cute. We watched them for ages and put some fruit out for them, I tried to get some photos too.

After a bit of a lay in and breakfast at a cafe we were on our way back to Hobart airport. It was Sunday 6th January and our flight arrived in Sydney about 3pm. We caught the number 400 bus to Bronte where we would be staying with Llinos again.
We had wine and food at the Robin Hood pub with Llinos, then called at the bottle shop for wine. We took photos at the bottle shop and the shop assistant took our photo too.

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