I was woken up on Monday 4th January by one of the housekeeping staff who had brought back our laundry so I decided to do my exercises early and get ready for a party we had been invited to. The Phong Nha Farmstay was having a staff end of year party at 11am which Bich had invited all the staff, Matty, Veronika and I to. At 10.10am I decided to try, for the very first time, to walk the 2.2km to the Farmstay, using my crutches like walking poles. The furthest I have managed to walk so far is 500m and so it wasn’t easy but I just kept going. Veronika set off later than me and then caught me up because I am so slow, even though I thought I was going quickly. It took me 53 minutes to do 2.2km and I was knackered when I got there but extremely grateful to have made it. The next challenge was having to sit on the floor for our hotpot meal and of course I used to be so flexible, could cross my legs and sit for ages on the floor but not any more. Veronika and I had to sit at one end so we could stretch out a leg.
The hotpot wasn’t really for me as it had both chillies and fishy stuff in, lots of squid in particular, which I can’t eat. Regardless to allergies I still had to try some so I mainly ate the sweetcorn and the mushrooms at first, until Ha arrived and sat beside me giving me the prawns, which were good. We also joined in on the shots of rice wines and I did well to have 3, Veronika got off lightly with 2 and Matty was drunk, having had plenty more. Ben took a video of the party and we all had a great time, it was nice to see the staff being treated and then having the afternoon off to go to karaoke. Veronika walked home but I decided to stay and try out the sauna with Ben, Bich and Matty. It was very nice but I didn’t have my swimmers with me and had to go in naked, just with a towel round me. By 6.30pm I was ready for dinner so I decided to go for a salami pizza and really enjoyed it.
Captain Caveman let me know he had been delayed but would be back, from Hue, around 9pm so I went home, by the time I was meant to be sleeping my gluten intolerance was back with a vengeance!!

Here’s Ben’s video of the hotpot party:

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