The alarm went off so much earlier than I would have liked, having been up almost all night with a gluten tummy and listening to Captain Caveman snoring. Tuesday 5th January was a bit of a mixed bag really; Captain Caveman was working and was off to a cave – he didn’t know which one, or who with, or what for, or how long it was for, until he got there and he was more fine with that than I was. I didn’t get back to sleep and instead got on with my list of jobs for the day. At lunch time I headed over to the rascal for a lift with Duyet to the Farmstay. When I got to the Farmstay it was nice and quiet with the fire on so I ordered a Bun Cha for lunch, as recommended by Sau. Bich had booked Sy from Magic Fingers to come over in the afternoon so I had booked in for a massage. I went in for a foot massage and also got an Indian head massage, although Sy had to be more careful with my bad leg, it felt absolutely amazing!!

I came out just after 4pm and I ordered a hot lemon, ginger and honey tea and sat down to do some writing. I was also hoping Captain Caveman might get in touch to let me know if he was on his way home or if he was staying overnight in the cave but I heard nothing.
It was shepherd’s pie night at the Phong Nha Farmstay and I ate mine with Matty, it tasted good and was piping hot – Ben had to eat Captain Caveman’s pie! I was so full that I couldn’t manage a dessert and, feeling stuffed and a bit tired I went home for an early night.

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