Thursday 7th January was a bit of a steady one, we got up late after I was catching up on blogging in bed and Captain Caveman made me a bacon sandwich. By lunchtime I wasn’t hungry and we didn’t have anything taken out of the freezer so I just had raisins, knowing I’d be eating well later.
For dinner we went to Phong Nha Farmstay, I’d even washed and blow-dried my hair, where we met with Matty and Tatas. I ordered the meat pie with chips and gravy (no beans!), Captain Caveman went for an unpredictable Bun Cha, Matty also had pie and Tatas went for a vegan curry with steamed rice. The wine kept on flowing and we had 3 bottles between the 4 of us, as you do, which meant we drank all of the stock of my favourite red wine. We decided to follow Captain Caveman’s lead by having a dessert, he had the passion fruit cake, I went for the chocolate fondant cake. The dessert made the evening and it was so good that I didn’t care if I was getting fatter again!

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