It was no surprise to read that the UK was reporting the most cases of Corona they had had in one day, on Friday 8th January, because it was exactly 2 weeks after Christmas, when people were allowed to meet up. It sounds pessimistic but I had even written in my diary a note to expect the surge in reported cases in countries where Christmas day would be celebrated, this way I wouldn’t be overly worried about my immediate family. So, while Captain Caveman got up at 5am to go surfing with Ben and Matty, I did some blogging and learning Vietnamese.
Captain Caveman was back, earlier than planned because it was too windy, before I even got out of bed. He made me a bacon sandwich and we decided to go to the Farmstay for a late lunch. I had the very nice mushroom soup and Captain Caveman had chicken quesadillas. I tried to do some work in the afternoon, from the Farmstay but I find it easier to work at home so I did all my exercises outside, using the stairs. That evening we joined Phong Nha Farmstay guests for pizza night at The Villas. There was a nice Danish family here and an American guy with a cool motorbike. Our night turned out really well and we had so much pizza I thought I might burst. I managed 10 slices and 3 glasses of red wine before getting a lift back home.

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