I was about to start the celebrations of my forthcoming birthday on Saturday 9th January, Captain Caveman had booked us in to the Vinpearl Hotel in Dong Hoi to celebrate early, due to him having to work next week. We had arranged to go to Dong Hoi in the morning but things didn’t go to plan, and at the last minute Captain Caveman had to work, so I set off by myself. I was assured that he would still come to join me that night and should be there by 6pm.
I decided to treat myself to a Tree Hugger brunch after dropping both our bags off at the hotel. I had 3 cups of ginger, honey, lemongrass and kumquat tea (as you do), 2 herbal teas which they give you for free and my favourite beef and veg rice plate. I didn’t chance a gluten or dairy food because I had physio in the afternoon and that all went well, as usual. When I checked in at the Vinpearl everyone was wearing masks, including me, and they were doing the usual hand sanitizer and temperature check (I was a cool 36°C). Our room was on the 20th floor and had a free fruit plate already waiting for me, I ate all but the persimmon and an apple, with a couple of green teas and an earl grey. Finally a message came from Captain Caveman that he was on his way to Dong Hoi using a new Grab style shared car service with An, from Phong Nha. He charges just 50,000vnd each way and there are up to 4 set journeys per day for a car share. Armed with 2 bottles of Lindeman’s sparkling wine he arrived and I had my glass of fizz in the bath! Captain Caveman also had a bath with his fizz and we decided it was too cold to go out and ordered room service, while dressed in our robes. We watched some films including Call of the Wild which I thought was great, we didn’t go to sleep until late but still remembered to set the alarm for the buffet breakfast.

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