Phuong dropped me off at home after my trip to Dong Hoi and I had toast, cheese and a massive dragon fruit for lunch. I was a bit behind on the To Do List so I worked my way through some of it until it was time to get ready for a quiet Sunday dinner at Phong Nha Farmstay. Captain Caveman came back from his Hang Va tour and we headed up in the rascal with Duyet. He and Matty went in to the sauna while Veronika and I chatted with Bich and Howie.
On the Oxalis Hang Va tour there had been some great guests and 3 of them had decided to come to join us for a Sunday roast dinner at the Farmstay, one of them decided to book a room there and got an upgrade to one of the pool villas in the Jungalo Collection. Another was from the UK, although works in Saigon and she was really lovely, her friend (a South African Canadian) was bright and funny and we all enjoyed a spot of wine together by the fire. We moved to a table for dining and all ordered the fantastic Sunday dinner and more wine. I’d optimistically brought tupperwear to put my cake in but when I saw it, I had to have the carrot cake, which was very nice. Everyone agreed to meet up again and the Hang Va group were going to be coming back to Phong Nha to explore more and do another Oxalis tour in May. It was a good night and everyone enjoyed lots of wine, an excellent Sunday roast and some great conversation, with an interesting and fun bunch of visitors. Captain Caveman organised another exploration walk with Veronika and Matty for Tuesday and I had definitely drank more wine than I anticipated. The next day Captain Caveman was off to meet his work colleagues in the morning but then we had another birthday celebration planned!

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