We decided to go to Phong Nha Farmstay for a late breakfast on Monday 18th January so we could see off Captain Caveman’s friend, who was heading back to Saigon. Captain Caveman had already been to work and met me at the Farmstay after 10am where I had a pho bo and an orange juice, Matty joined us so he could also say bye to his fellow Hang Va tour participant who had tried out the private pool that morning and was definitely going to be booking in again at the Jungalo Collection when he could enjoy it in hotter weather.
I just had a bit of bread and butter for lunch as we were off for dinner later with Tham and Tony at the Lake House for another birthday celebration. Captain Caveman needed to go by motorbike because he had an early start the next day but I got a lift in the van with Co and our bags. We arrived around 5.30pm and were checked in to the fabulous accomodation overlooking the lake, there was a massive bathroom with both indoor and outdoor showers and an outdoor luxurious bath. We had a four-poster bed with comfy pillows and nice furniture in the room. The walk from reception took me about 5 minutes down a steep slope and was a little painful and slow, which is why we were given the first room.

We met Tony first for red wine and a catch up, I’d not seen him since he had managed to get back from Australia and it was good to hear about his 14 day quarantine experience in Hanoi – it seems he had enjoyed his better than some had experienced! Tham came to join us at the table, bringing us a starter of pumpkin soup and a massive plate of the most amazing looking Yorkshire puddings I had seen in a few years! I felt a bit overwhelmed and I couldn’t be polite in reaching out for one straight away – they tasted just as good as they looked. I can honestly say they were as good as my nan used to make and better than my mom’s (sorry, ma). I ate a small one and a big one and I was amazed that a young Vietnamese man had made these incredible Yorkshire puddings. The wine was great and going down well and we were then brought, what I thought was a sharing plate of, ribs and roasted vegetables. We were to be given a plate each and the portion was so massive that I couldn’t finish mine. Tham had a vegetarian meal while we shoved sticky ribs in our faces, drank more wine and had to leave the chicken side salad as we were far too full. It was such a lovely night with amazing food, too much wine and fantastic company. Tham had an early morning the next day and Captain Caveman was keen to see the sunrise from our villa terrace so we said goodnight. Tony, the legend, insisted we take another bottle of wine to drink in the room, of which I managed half a glass before falling fast asleep in the comfy bed.
I had been glutened by the Yorkshire puddings but they were so worth it! Captain Caveman set his alarm for just before sunrise and drank another glass of wine.

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