Captain Caveman was working on the morning of Wednesday 20th January and so I decided to finish off the rice crackers which had been in the cupboard for a while, for breakfast. It turned out they were a bit soggy because of the humidity and not having been put in a locking tupperwear container, so the rest of them went in the bin. I had a bit of buttered toast instead and then caught up on some more work from my To Do List. The birthday celebrations had ended now but we did have an invitation for a wedding in Dong Hoi on Friday, a few hours before our proposed trip to Saigon. For lunch I ate the rest of yesterday’s shepherd’s pie, Captain Caveman cooked himself salami, asparagus and egg for his. I had a cup of earl grey tea later on with a couple of pieces of dark chocolate and put in a request with Captain Caveman to have something simple for dinner as I wasn’t feeling too well – I even had to turn down wine with Veronika. By the time our pork dinner was cooked I was hungry again and was really looking forward to the pork, red cabbage and mushrooms in red wine with steamed rice but unfortunately I didn’t put enough water in the rice so it was slightly undercooked and Captain Caveman decided to tip too much rosemary in and it overpowered the taste. The quality of the pork was great though and the rest was chopped up and made in to a casserole for tomorrow. There was a lot of pork from Thuy, the physio, so it went a long way and kept Captain Caveman busy in the kitchen.

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