While Vietnam was possibly on the verge of their next wave of the pandemic, things were carrying on in Phong Nha as normal on Thursday 28th January. Captain Caveman had gone off to work in the morning just before heavy rain came, he had prepared a masaman curry in the rice cooker for later, using the whole chicken given to us by Thuy. For lunch he made us a pasta dish and then we went for a walk round the block with my new walking poles. I was a bit disappointed with them at first as they felt like they were not really helping, they were too light, compared to my crutches, and seemed to get in the way. I persisted under Captain Caveman’s direction and eventually cracked it. My 500m walk was completed in 9 minutes, a whole 3 minutes less than my quickest so far!
We hadn’t got anything on our Netflix lists which we both wanted to watch together and so I had asked Josh for some recommendations, to our surprise we ended up watching numerous episodes of Blown Away which was highly entertaining in a surprising way. The masaman curry was amazing and there was plenty left over for me to have while Captain Caveman was away.

Captain Caveman’s video of my first walk with my new poles

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