Captain Caveman didn’t want any breakfast on Wednesday 27th January so I went down to the dining room by myself for the usual buffet breakfast. While I had my last bath in Saigon, Captain Caveman went out to buy some essentials like Vegemite and curry paste then we checked out and got a Grab taxi to the Eon Mall, not too far from the airport. The shopping centre was huge but did have temperature checks on entry and decent toilet facilities so I was happy. We went to the top floor where all the food places are and we went to Thai Express, Captain Caveman’s choice, obviously! There were just 2 things on the menu that didn’t have any chillies in and so I reluctantly ordered honey chicken and Captain Caveman had a masaman curry which he shovelled down and then left to go to Decathlon while I was still eating. I wouldn’t recommend the honey chicken, nor have it again but I did eat it all as I wasn’t sure if we would eat again later or not. On return from Decathlon Captain Caveman had managed to buy me some lightweight walking poles for about 500,000vnd (£16) and I was happy about that, he bought himself 2 water bottles for cycling and some string for just over that and I think my purchase was the best value!

We masked up and got a taxi to the airport for our flight back to Dong Hoi and to my surprise we were allocated the Emergency exit row seats despite my limping, but no one checked our capabilities. We landed 15 minutes early and An was waiting to pick us up with his shared Grab taxi, which by the time we got dropped off was a full car! When we got home the cleaners had been in and the place smelled like lemongrass, we learned that our friend Ally, the filmmaker who lives in Japan, had made it to Vietnam and was in Saigon to do his 14 day quarantine and Captain Caveman rustled up some grub. We had spaghetti with bacon, peppers and tomato sauce and it tasted really good – finally a meal without chillies!

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