We were meant to be off on a day trip to Dong Hoi on Wednesday 17th February so that we could visit the museum and have lunch at Earth cafe. Unfortunately, things didn’t go ahead as planned and before I’d even got out of bed Captain Caveman had collected his motorbike from the Farmstay and then rode up to the Lake House to collect freshly baked bread.
For breakfast I just had buttered toast (no adverse reaction was encountered) and for lunch I had a jam sandwich, some walnuts and cashew nuts. In the afternoon Ali was booked in to interview Captain Caveman for the film he is making about Phong Nha. Just before Ali arrived there was a wedding nearby with loud music pumping out, but luckily they managed to record ok. I left my phone in the bedroom where they were recording and so I sat and had a White Russian in the lounge area. The cavers, including Captain Caveman, had been invited to a party at Ho Khanh’s at 5pm, I decided not to go and Captain Caveman got a lift to Phong Nha with Ali, so he could have a drink this time. After he had been to Ho Khanh’s and a few other Tet parties Captain Caveman collected Bluey, my bicycle, from the Glass House and rode her to meet Ali for a drink at The Villas. He’d told me he was bringing Bluey home but because of recent accidents around I was a bit worried about him being out on the country roads after dark. He eventually got home safely, a bit tipsy, after 10.30pm, with a fully working Bluey (who’s not good on hills) and had enjoyed a good evening out. I’d stayed in, watched Netflix, and had a picnic style dinner for a nice change. I was happy that both Bluey and Captain Caveman were safely here and I was very much looking forward to seeing if I could still ride a bike, tomorrow.

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