I was certainly taking advantage of some quiet time at home on Tuesday 16th February. The post-Tet loud music went on until 7.30am so I ended up watching more Love Island in bed until the housekeeping ladies arrived. I had tea and toast in the living room and then did some blogging. I ordered a couple of Shepherd’s pies for dinner at the Farmstay later, not knowing what time Captain Caveman would be back from his Hang En trip. Ali was keen to join us for a drink later so I organised him a lift from The Villas with Ben at Phong Nha Farmstay. For lunch I had my leftover Sunday dinner which was still very nice and the rest of the carrot cake. I noticed we had a new kitchen table runner which was nice and I lit the Tet candle which had been put on our upstairs coffee table during Tet. In the news Vietnam had more Corona cases, linked to the areas already locked down, and news that a vaccine for key people would be made available as early as this month was reported.
That night I went to the Farmstay and met Ali and Veronika, Captain Caveman got back very late from his tour and only just made it in time for shepherd’s pie. We chatted to Bich and the kids for a bit and it was a nice night, sat outside, by the swimming pool, eating our delicious meal. We ended up drinking 2 bottles of our favourite red wine between 3 of us and I was grateful to have an easy going, drama free day.

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