Captain Caveman went off to Son Doong early on Monday 22nd March while I had buttered toast for breakfast and got on with some work from my To Do List. For lunch I ate some Banh Ep rice crackers and drank jasmine tea. It was the one month anniversary of Margarita Monday and I had got a message from Luc to ask if I was going, I wasn’t going to bother since we had drank a few impromptu ones the day before, but if Luc was up for it, I was. I tried to get a car to take me to The Villas and also to take me to the Glass House to retrieve my bag but the rascal was at the garage being fixed and there was no shuttle service available. Instead of The Villas, I went to the Farmstay and ate Aussie meat pie, chips and gravy which then made me have a dodgy tum (it must be gluten)! I’d spent 140,000vnd (£4.34) on my dinner and I was grateful for a quiet day.

I managed to sleep in until 8am on Tuesday 23rd March and was ecstatic about that. At 9.30am I went to the Glass House to get my bag back and the shopping. It was the first day of a friend’s challenge on Facebook for decluttering in which the task was sorting socks. Seeing as I’d just picked up more socks I checked them all and resorted them before getting carried away and doing my knickers too. I had buttered toast for breakfast, with a mango and a kiwi fruit I’d brought back from the Vinpearl Hotel. I was left with a big guava, which I chopped up and took outside for Duyet and the girls to have. Because it was shepherd’s pie night and I’d put my pre-order for one in, I just had dates and walnuts for a lunch/snack.
At the Farmstay that evening I got chatting to some English guests and it had got a bit chilly again so we sat by the fire, also with Veronika, who had lent one of the ladies some warm clothes. I treated myself to a glass of wine with my shepherd’s pie and vegetables but couldn’t eat all my meal and took half home. My stomach was fine again, I was glad to be feeling ok for a change and had only spent 235,000vnd (£7.50).

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