The first thing I did on Wednesday 24th March was listen to a live chat from Untangled by Tingle on her second decluttering task – pens and pencils. I remember back in Sheffield I had loads of both, but here I have 1 pen which I keep with my notebook and a pencil for my diary (there’s no point having pen for diary events these days). I also have a spare pen and pencil in the bedroom so that was an easy challenge for me. For breakfast I decided to indulge in some sausages which are from Hue and are meant to be gluten free but they made me so ill that I had to go back to bed. I really hoped the after effects wouldn’t last long because we had arranged for Tatas to come over to mine and we were meeting Hamish, Ania, Matija and Daria at the Phong Nha Farmstay later for drinks and dinner. Tatas had just arrived when Veronika came back from the Farmstay, a bit frazzled after looking after the grandkids. She had a bottle of white wine in the fridge which she had been unable to open and was insistent we had some with her. We invited her to come to the Farmstay too but she was really looking forward to having a quiet night in for a change.
Tatas and I arrived at Phong Nha Farmstay before 6pm and everyone arrived ready for a good night, sat by the pool. Hamish and Ania had just arrived back from Danang and so they were celebrating being back in Phong Nha. Tatas and I started with a margarita each then we shared a bottle of red wine while Hamish and Tatas encouraged a few tequilas for everyone (sambuca for Ania). We ate food, had a good laugh and got a bit merry, Matija has a particular sense of humour that had us all laughing until our cheeks hurt and when Daria got out the rice wine which smells of farts we knew we may have gone too far!
The bar closes at 9.30pm at the Farmstay and we were still there, the only ones drinking at 9.45pm, so I put another bottle of red wine on my tab, and took it home. Duyet came to get us and we said goodbye with a plan to see everyone again tomorrow night. Tatas was staying at mine and we had more wine to drink because it was my mom’s birthday and we were going to call her. My mom was celebrating her second birthday in lockdown and it made me feel bad that she couldn’t even go out for a meal or drinks, while here in Vietnam we were so lucky to have our freedom.
I decided we should invite Duyet in for a glass of wine and we were all going to sing Happy Birthday to my mom via Facebook video call. I bet my mom was really pleased that we were celebrating more than she would be! We never thought about how much noise we were making and that poor Veronika had been looking forward to her early night. Tatas decided she was going to bed so Duyet left and we didn’t finish all of the wine.

I was so hung over on Thursday 25th March and if Tatas hadn’t have been staying at mine I would not have got up for breakfast at the Phong Nha Farmstay with Hamish and Ania. I ordered Pho Bo but couldn’t eat it and when I paid my bill I had the bottle of wine from last night on there too! I went back to bed after I got home and didn’t get up for lunch until 4pm, eating the left over shepherd’s pie from Tuesday. I did another of the Untangled by Tingle decluttering challenges which was an appropriate one – medication/first aid kit. It took me just a few minutes and I needed a paracetamol anyway for my sore head. When I messaged Veronika to apologise for being so noisy she surprisingly had not heard the renditions of Happy Birthday and things were all good. 
The Croatian couple (Matija and Daria), Hamish, Ania and Tatas were alcohol animals and had arranged to go to Momma D’s that night but I was too old to keep up with them all and declined. I had hoped for an early night but there was a wedding a few doors away and so the karaoke got progressively louder and worse until the crescendo at midnight. I was grateful that it stopped and to have spent only 500,000vnd (£15.50) today, 430,000 of it was last night’s wine! I was a bit disappointed that March should have been my month to get a bit fitter and thinner – I was running out of time!

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