After only 6 hours of sleep the tannoy woke me up at 5.30am on Friday 26th March. I caught up on another one of Heather’s Untangled by Tingle decluttering challenges which was an easy one for me. Sorting out spices is something that would have taken me longer back in England but here, the humidity means even salt doesn’t keep long so we don’t store much of anything, mainly black pepper corns which are produced locally. Here’s the Facebook group for anyone interested in finding out more:
I didn’t bother with any breakfast, Captain Caveman, who had stayed at the Glass House last night, was too hungover to come home just yet and seemed to be in a bit of a tangle.
In the news it mentioned that Vietnam was looking to open up to tourists from July for 3 countries (Japan, S Korea, Taiwan), see more here:
There were also some concerns in Vietnam that there could be the start of the next wave soon due to more border jumpers, which was still a problem, more info below:
Interestingly, there wasn’t too much information about it, but the first commercial flights in Vietnam restarted today, read more here:
Captain Caveman recovered just enough to send me his work schedule from 1st April onwards. We were hoping to have a couple of trips away in April but he did have 5 Son Doong tours to do, and I had the same issue with passport being submitted for most of the time, so we would see how that worked out. He was still in a mess when he returned about 4pm and got straight in to bed for a nap before pizza night.
Ben called to check we were outside waiting for the car pick up which was leaving the Farmstay at 6pm and we went outside where I spoke to Duyet to say we were going for pizza night. He said to wait 10 minutes so we thought that Ben and the bus were coming for us. He left in a car and returned 15 minutes later with Matty, who had come back from Saigon this afternoon, in the passenger seat, then took us to The Villas, where everyone else were already sat and had ordered drinks. Hamish and Ania were at the far end of the long outdoor table, opposite a new Farmstay couple, next to them were Karl and Sue, new long term Farmstay customers who were from England. Then there was Veronika and Ben opposite them, I sat next to Ben, Captain Caveman sat opposite me with Matty sat next to Captain Caveman. Hamish, who we were too far away to chat to, came to have a tequila shot with me and Captain Caveman but ended up doing 2 because of the fragile state Captain Caveman was in. This was the first time Captain Caveman and Hamish had met apart from when they bumped in to each other on their Son Doong and Hang En trips. Captain Caveman drank 2 litres of water and ate 9 slices of pizza and I only managed 7 slices and a soft drink. Unfortunately the Croatian couple had left already to Saigon so Captain Caveman wearing his Croation football shirt had been wasted and I was sorry he didn’t get to meet them. The pizzas were great, as always, I realised I’d not missed a pizza night in a long while and was getting to be an expert on which pizza had what toppings. As Ben had left his seat free, Hamish sat down for a chat with Captain Caveman until we came to leave. A fragile Captain Caveman was so glad to be back home and in bed that I’m sure he started to snore before he even lay down! As neither of us had drank tonight we only spent 300,000vnd (£9.30) which was great, but we had a hectic Saturday planned.

Photo credit – The Villas restaurant

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