The tannoy this morning felt like someone had given it a service or turned the volume back up at 5.30am on Monday 29th March. Captain Caveman was on day 2 of his Son Doong tour, Tatas was on day 4 of her Son Doong tour and Hamish was about to do the Tu Lan Wild Cave 3 day trip, now that he had fully recovered from his hospital visit. For breakfast I ate the leftover spring rolls with some salad and I noticed the kitchen floor was soaking wet, like it had just been mopped – but it hadn’t and it was very damp. The humidity was horrendous so I opened all the doors and put the fan on but it made no difference. The floor was difficult to walk on as I took the laundry to the housekeeping room and noticed that even the floor outside was moist.
It was a very hot day as I ate my leftover Sunday dinner for lunch and arranged to meet the girls later at the Phong Nha Farmstay. Hamish had asked me to take Ania under my wing and make sure she wasn’t bored, or missing him too much, while he was gone for the next 3 days. When I got to the Farmstay I shared a table with Ania, Annette and Sonya, ordered a bottle of red wine and the beef in bamboo for dinner. Ania had banh xeo which always looks so good while Sonya tried the amazing chocolate fondant with icecream for her dessert.
The night was young so we ordered another bottle of wine but before we knew it the 9.30pm closing time was here so we paid, I requested my lift home and Ania took the remaining wine to her room to bring back out for tomorrow. It was a good night, no wild Margarita Monday for us, instead quite relaxed and I really enjoyed it Ania and I had decided to cycle to The Villas restaurant tomorrow where we would have lunch and then cycle back – I wasn’t looking forward to the journey but I needed the exercise!

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